HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

As per Leslie Ferrar, HMRC’s non-executive director, as quoted in the Telegraph:
"God loves a cheerful giver."
Given that not everyone believes in God, and that even if God existed his/her interest in tax would be close to zero; it is hardly surprising that despite the disgrace of the Westminster Service (now renamed Westminster Secret service, as HMRC is too ashamed to discuss it with its staff) Osborne is attempting to create legislation that will force Google etc to pay some tax.

Let's see how that works then, will God give him divine guidance on drafting the perfect piece of legislation?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Perhaps a well aimed FOI question as to what the full costs to the public purse actually were for the "Westminster $ecret $ervice" event would wake everyone up?
    By the time you add up fte days lost, travel, subsistence, Abbey hire, flowers, white gloves and tea and biccies a few pounds of taxpayers money has been spent. So, unless someone on a PAC decides to pick up and run with the story...?
    Hiring just college green for a day starts at £8000 ffs, and a simple event room is £75+vat!
    Of course, the venue may have been provided free?
    BTW, do dyslexic agnostics believe in DOG?
    I firmly believe GOD has a sense, of humour otherwise why the platypus and the camel, let alone Lean/Pacesetter?

  2. Event room = per person cost @ £75+vat.

  3. excom or is that ex 'pom'
    Its only got to be a matter of time til the balloon goes up though how it hasnt before now is unbelievable but I do believe somewhere it will....let them fark on their own nests xxxx

  4. When God realises that his big London House has been used to celebrate the debacle that is Homer and HMRC he may cast down the odd thunderbolt or two. It remains questionable that the Abbey was used in this way, and may have been more acceptible had HMRC been performing as claimed, it does seem to find it difficult just getting the basics right.
    Still, I am sure the average staff member must be content with the exercise, or have they been threatened with punishment if they break cover over this and other internal, issues? PCS noticeably quiet on the subject given the grandiose nature of the occasion?
    What next, hiring O2 for a winter extravaganza, a cruise for more achievers? No wonder the department is in such a farking mess!