HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Rats Leave The Sinking Ship

Jennie Granger, HMRC’s director general for customer compliance, is to leave HMRC to rebalance her life. As per CCH Daily:
"Now that the customer compliance group is firmly established it feels like the right moment to hand over to a new leader. It’s also time for a little bit of rebalancing for me personally."
This bodes badly for MTD:

Oh and by the way, it seems that Ian Barlow (chair of HMRC and lover of candy) has also gone!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. What a shambles of a shipwreck, the Purser going, the Chief Engineer has done a dockside scarper as the headrope went ashore, the Master-at-Arms has done a bunk, there's Klingons on the Starboard Bow, no bridge watch, no radar, no GPS and the sextant was thrown at the ship's cat last week so that's useless as well.
    Spare a prayer for all those voyaging in steerage, there's no lifejackets and the lifeboats were PPI'd a decade ago.
    All this drifting hulk is worth now is scrap value cut up on some Indian beach, IF it gets that far!

    1. Fake news! Fake news! We have been assured by senior management that everything in the HMRC is "BRILLIANT"......BRILLIANT,BRILLIANT,BRILLIANT,BRILLIANT.
      Now that's enough BRILLIANT brown nosing.....when do i get my BRILLIANT promotion and my exceeded PMR ?

      Let's say it again.....what a BRILLIANT place the HMRC is !!!!

    2. Brilliant, is that the best the 'Corporate Communications' cretins could come up with?
      Surely it's exciting, challenging, rewarding, interesting, fab, fan dabby dozy, super, spiffing, a bonzo place to work?
      Feck Off, you are merely putting lipstick on a pig FFS!

    3. HMRC, "Brilliant"? Internal marketing? NLP? Mind Control?

      If people get brainwashed by it, where exactly is the motivating factor to raise their game? There isn't one, hence the poor performance/poor service and resultant chaos. Common Purpose?

  2. "It’s also time for a little bit of rebalancing for me personally."

    You see thats why moral is low and there is a bullying culture. These people get hard ons making other peoples lives miserable. And they do it in order to simply gain pleasure from it.

  3. A pattern is emerging. What is really going on at HMRC?

    1. Nothing constructive, obviously.

  4. It is a form of collective madness driven by Techno enthusiasts from the Homer era: conviction that everything will automatically get better, tax gap reduced and cash flow speeded up by ever increasing use of technology whilst at the same time vastly reducing the workforce.

    No matter that this will impose vast and obvious burdens on the "Customer" and is likely to be another IT abomination pilloried by the PAC, nothing is impossible if somebody else has to do it.

  5. Something is going badly wrong at HMRC. Two Senior Managers announcing their departures within days. Delays and major criticism of MTD. Huge increases to taxpayer compliance costs forecast. Doubts raised over HMRC's ability or otherwise to meet the challenges Brexit will present.

    Where is the governance and political oversight of that Department? I thought there was supposed to be accountability.

  6. To add to the seemingly never ending chaos at HMRC, the PAC's report into the tax credit debacle is highly critical of HMRC. Basically, in addition to causing hardship to very vulnerable people, they say the problems were "entirely predictable" and that HMRC lacked "commercial capability" in the contract with Concentrix.

    Most shocking of all, HMRC hiked Concentrix's commission from 3.9% to 11% despite the poor service provided. You really couldn't make it up. That's public money for failure!

    The report is further critical of HMRC in the tax credit scandal saying "Clearly it placed too little importance on customer service". Didn't the HMRC Chief Executive talk about "brilliant customer services" in one of the Senior Management resignations this week? Strange that nobody else seems to see it like that, least of all the taxpayers.

  7. If you look at the "Consultation" currently in train about making the payments industry somehow accountable for VAT the trend of trying to dump very clear HMRC responsibilities onto third parties at their cost and risk without cognisance of the commercial costs attached continues.

    I don't know much about that but somebody who does tells me the industry is appalled as there are huge technical and legal barriers and thinks the majority of the responses will be both wholly negative.

    And wholly ignored

    1. Interesting - a whole new can of worms which needs thorough investigation.

      Of course, commercial enterprises such as the payments industry are in the business of needing to deliver value and profit to survive. Not sure if HMRC know, or care, much about how business operates, but the net result is the payments industry would need to pass the cost on to the end consumer at the end of the day. So in the end we would face a scenario whereby the taxpayer, having already paid their fair share of tax, are in effect paying extra money to collect tax for HMRC. This kind of situation would also facilitate the further erosion of jobs both at HMRC and within the banking/payments industry.

      WHO is going to be the winner in all this?

    2. Ah it is far far worse than that: proposal is possibly making the payments industry responsible for the VAT that should be accounted for by third parties,i.e. acting as unpaid VAT enforcer/collector over their clients any carrying the risk of getting it wrong.

      Told even the European Commission discarded this as whole concept as totally unworkable last year yet here they are trying to blag it through.

      Might almost think somebody was trying to get something, anything, through to cover the existing digital fiasco.

  8. There is more spin in there than in my bloody washing machine!
    More smoke and mirrors than Barnum and Bailey's (closed) and more B.S. than on the plains of Texas and more than a smidgen of NLP crap than is healthy.
    Track record of failures and law breaking since Broon spawned this demon whilst the bearings on the revolving doors have now been replaced for the nth time.
    We may not have liked the old IR nor HM C&E but...
    However, there is a distracting, blinding light at the moment, oh yes, wait till that hits the panic buttons!

  9. Leaving to "Rebalance her life" ???

    Come on HMRC, get REAL. Who talks like that in the REAL world? What does it even mean?

    It is complete and utter garbage like that which makes HMRC absolutely remote, not only from the fed-up tax payers of the UK, but probably from their own staff too.

  10. Does anyone remember that documentary that was shot a few years' by channel 4? I'd love to know how many people that were filmed are still there!

    1. I remember reading about the HMRC documentary. It never went to air!!!

      Does anyone know WHY it never went to air?

    2. Apparently a case or two that was filmed being investigated still have to go through the court process, mwaning it can't be broadcast until they have. I'm sure many of the investigators would have been retired by then

    3. At the end of the day, the television documentary about Hmrc is unlikely to ever be aired. The material will be far too out of date to have any informative value. If that's the case it'll be not great miss, I would have been hugely shocked if it would have been anything other than well-managed positive PR for HMRC. What is really needed is robust independent investigative journalism.

  11. She was employed to Make Tax a Disaster and she has certainly achieved that goal