HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

HMRC To Conduct Internal Investigation Into Loan Charge Suicide

The Independent Office of Police Conduct has told HMRC to conduct and internal investigation into the one official suicide of Loan Charge 2019.

Note, there will be NO independent oversight of this internal investigation.

Please feel free to comment!

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  1. As a former HMRC staffer who was hounded out via violent bullying and then subjected to violent bullying by HMRC for 3 years after leaving I am appalled but not surprised to hear this.

    HMRC were so violent (in a cowardly way, of course) I have no doubt they were trying to drive me to suicide.

    These HMRC psychopaths lack remorse, empathy, conscience and integrity - I 100% PREDICT THEY WILL COVER UP ALL OF THE EVIDENCE - vile, filthy, scum of the earth types.

    1. Do you just cut and paste the same response to every thread on here?

    2. No, not quite. But there are some extremely thick bullies at HMRC, repetition of the facts might help them.

    3. I know quite a lot of people who work for HMRC and only a handful know that this blog exists. I suspect that your repetition of the 'facts' will have zero effect.

    4. So boring. Destroy the record, we've had enough now.

    5. @16.20 and @11.16
      You sound just like the bullies he/she is talking about...put yourselves in his/her shoes...shame on you.
      Do you know what this person is going through?

    6. I am at @16.20.
      Do you really think that the poster was violently bullied for 3 years after leaving HMRC?

      Do you really believe that they were trying deliberately to drive him/her to suicide?

      Do you think that "vile filthy scum of the earth" accurately describes everyone who works for HMRC?

      Give your head a shake.

    7. I believe them.

    8. I worked at HMRC - I believe them wholeheartedly.

    9. 5 years plus reading this blog and literally thousands of accusations of criminal activity with, apparently, evidence to support.
      Not one prosecution or even court case.
      Oh sorry, I forgot, part of the deep state conspiracy.
      In other news, the royal family are lizard aliens.
      FFS, the state of some people on here.

    10. @16:20.....I will fucking shake your head you twat.

    11. Typical. When beaten in an argument resort to swearing and threats of violence.
      And then complain about bullies.
      You obviously don't do either irony or self-awareness.

    12. "You obviously don't do either irony or self-awareness."

      What does that last non nonsensical sentence actually mean ?

      And tell me this...what irks you about our bullied poster....if it bugs you that much.....just fucking ignore it....stop your despicable attacks !!

    13. Glad you agree that the last sentence isn't nonsensical.
      It clearly means that you complain about bullies and then resort to bullying.
      What irks me about said poster is the constant repetition of accusations of the most serious criminal offences which they claim to have evidence to support without any end result. Why would anyone with this evidence not approach the police with their concerns. As has been stated above, years of accusations but no criminal charges and nobody has appeared in court.
      And please don't give me the usual BS about cover-up, etc. Those fantasies belong on US alt-right sites not on here.
      In short I no longer believe that the poster in question was bullied. I believe that they have some sort of beef with HMRC (got a big tax bill, didn't get the promotion they wanted?) and have decided to bore us all with their bitterness.

    14. I forgot to mention @18.01 above that I am extremely peed-off that I first started reading this blog because I dislike the way HMRC operates with a passion but end up having to stick up for it because of the f-wits, fantasists and downright liars on here.
      By the way what happened to 'Paul Garlick', his files and that guy from the Times who was investigating some of the allegations. I suppose they have both been assasinated by an MI5 hit squad and the story D-noticed.

  2. Yes. No independent investigation at all. A few vague noises, then kicked into the long grass. It won't restore the lives they have destroyed. Senior figures "moved on" several times in the interim. No accountability and stone walled. A Kangaroo Report at some point which will be quickly forgetten.

    This is just a PR exercice to Deflect, Diffuse and Dissuade the uncomfortable questions they are getting. Investigations that don't go anywhere, investigated by some overpaid Mr Nobody.

  3. Anyone that opines that HMRC do not act in the sordid, illegal and numerous examples of misconduct in public office is, choose any combination;
    a shill,
    a troll,
    a lobotomised fast tracker,
    an Excom member,
    a bullying manager,
    blind to the truth,
    a common purpose graduate,
    overdosed on Lean/Pacesetter,
    from a different planet,

    None so blind as those that cannot (will not) see!

    1. Every dog has it's day and after years of repeating the same old crap day in day out, you finally had yours but it got you nowhere. Every reader of this blog is sick to death of your repetitive, obsessive bleating. There may have been a grain of truth in your complaints but it's all list in the mists of time. Give it up. Give it a rest. Move on. Do something constructive with your life. You just sadden people.

    2. @16:52 It's YOU that is sad.

  4. Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.

    Stupidity is not a crime. You're free to go.

    We live in the era of smart phones and stupid people.

    On the Internet you can be anything you want. It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid.

    I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works.

    1. It's not clear which poster you think is being stupid.
      Pretty stupid really.