HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

HMRC Fiasco Impacts Taxpayers

It seems that there has been a "glitch" within HMRC that has resulted in incorrect or missing self-assessment statements to taxpayers.

The problem has been flagged up by Moore Stephens and Blick Rothenberg. Both have a number of clients who have either not received their usual half-yearly statement, or who have received it but find it shows a zero balance even though payments were due. 

As a consequence, some taxpayers are likely not to make the outstanding payment they were expecting to in July, while others may be undercharged.  

This could lead to unexpectedly large tax bills and interest charges when they have to pay the full amount in January 2020. 

Nimesh Shah, a partner at Blick Rothenberg, is quoted by Money Observer
Due to a system error, HMRC had not generated payments on account for 2018/19 for some taxpayers. A number of statements have been issued by HMRC that do not show anything actually due on 31 July 2019.”
HMRC has failed to correct the problem, even though it has known about the error for six months.
If a person has received a statement which does not look correct and does not include second payment that they feel is due, they should contact HMRC immediately. Similarly, you may not receive a statement at all, so it’s worth double-checking.”
However, he adds, the safer approach is to make the payment you believe to be due and not necessarily rely on HMRC.

Read that piece of advice again, and learn it:

Moore Stephens warns that although HMRC has made clear that taxpayers who received incorrect statements or none in July will not face interest charges for underpayment or non-payment at that point, there is no leeway being offered when those taxpayers face a demand for the full tax payment in January, even though this may be the fault of HMRC

The official HMRC line is that it’s the individual’s responsibility to ensure that assessments are checked and correct.

To repeat:


Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Didn't any of these highly paid accountants notice this happened last year as well?

    1. And the year before!

    2. And the year before!

  2. Statement or not it's SELF Assessment so you should pay what you calculate. You know your bill, you shouldn't rely on a reminder etc. You're lucky HMRC isn't charging interest!

  3. They are too busy running non-job shit like this. Promoting whatever social engineering, politically correct woke drivel is flavour of the week. Instead of sorting the issues they are paid for.

    A nice jolly up for everyone. Sit there and be bored shitless for a couple of hours. Then it's off to raise awareness of national save the guinea pig week.

    Welcome to the real HMRC

  4. Looks like the latest dare I say it? Bullying tactic to ensure staff accept their share of the responsibility of HMRC's institutionalised intimidation. When someone is at the end of their tether the last thing they'll refer to is this pile of shite rolled out by an unqualified brain dead firelighter eating zombie.
    More dangerous than a specialist electric chair.

    1. What HMRC say and what they do are very different things.

      I was going to put up the later post on HMRC Digital. It involved yellow post it notes, whiteboards, marker squiggles. With some vague shite about recruitment.

      I have looked at the vacant job positions. Stephen Hawking wouldn't get a look in. The weekly pay would be a daily rate in the IT Contracting world if you read the job spec.

      Sorry if your Self Assessment is down the toilet, but we don't know how to fix that. We just sit in an office that looks like McDonalds. Go to a few meetings and talk some lefty theatre group hippie shit.

      Take picture and tick box.

  5. Anonymous 16:38 has hit the nail on the head. Rhubarb, Rhubarb and digital Rhubarb. Chuck a few more digital's in and we'll convince everyone we know what we're talking about. Truth is we digital don't. But that's ok. Anyone finds out and we'll bully them to a digital death.