HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 26 March 2021

HMRC Data Breach - “They Are, at Present, Utterly Useless on Every Level on Every Tax.”


Last week, AccountingWEB user Cholmes first reported receiving five late penalty notices from HMRC – with only one of the five regarding their clients. The remaining notices were addressed to two other firms.

The AWEB community has been reporting these incidents for the past week, with many unsure of what to do with the notices received. Some were hesitant to forward the notices to the correct agents in fear of potential data breaches.

When Cholmes got through to HMRC after being put on hold for 40 minutes, the helpline operator seemed “disinterested” and surprised that this member had even called: 

“The only suggestion given was to return the penalty notices to HMRC.

When I asked why I had received them, I was told she didn't know and couldn't comment. No other suggestions offered nor any apologies offered.”

AccountingWEB member Blazefan also reportedly received six late filing penalty notices in a single envelope, only two of which were for their clients. The notices contained the name and address of the practices, the name of their clients, and the clients’ UTR.

Blazefan copied the incorrect notices and returned them to HMRC with a covering letter, and forwarded the copies to the correct accountancy practices: 

“I have not as yet received a response from HMRC, however the other practice has thanked me for forwarding them on.”

HMRC's agent forum has seen further complaints; Catherine Newman received a report from a member of the community who was sent six late filing penalty notices, five of which were sent in error.

HMRC’s response

AccountingWEB approached HMRC about the stories shared on Any Answers and the agent forum and was told: 

“HMRC takes its responsibilities under UK GDPR very seriously. The vast majority of privacy notices will be issued and received correctly, but if any agents receive notices or any correspondence for wrong clients, we would ask that they notify HMRC to enable us to investigate why it happened and take appropriate action.”

It was then highlighted to HMRC that many agents are unable to get through to them or are not getting a sufficient response. The spokesperson could offer no additional information but confirmed that HMRC is aware and would be looking to contact the agents.

VAT director Jason Croke summed HMRC up perfectly: 

“They are, at present, utterly useless on every level on every tax.”

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. As a former long-serving HMRC officer it doesn't surprise me that the member of staff was "disinterested". The calibre of HMRC staff nowadays is low quality; the training is appalling; there is no leadership; and HMRC simply does not take data security seriously. In an extreme example, the bastards covered up for my HMRC manager who sent her thug boyfriend round to my home address, showing their utter contempt for data protection and harassment laws, and leaving my household living in fear. A Grade 6 arrogantly opined that he couldn't understand what the "outcry" was. With attitudes like that so prevalent at such a senior level in HMRC, that's probably why they have so many problems complying with the GDPR.

    It's been clear to me for a long time that HMRC and certain members of staff consider themselves above the law.

  2. Change the record Mate, I've had enough of your wittering for years now.

  3. HMRC are the people who lost an ET against a paedophile HMRC employee, for no other reason than their complete ineptitude. Enough said about that bunch.

  4. Have you still not consulted a solicitor and the police? Or do they think there is no case to answer based on your evidence?

  5. @ 13.31 on 30 March.Quite right, enough said. So stop bleating on about it.