HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 7 May 2021

HMRC Says Gary Lineker Owes £4.9M in Tax


The dispute has been ongoing for a year according to tax tribunal documents which were published last month. HMRC claims it is owed £3,621,735.90 worth of income tax and £1,313,755.38 as national insurance contributions from Lineker.

Speaking to the Financial Times Jon Holmes, Lineker's agent, defended his client's actions.

“It is a question of whether he is employed by the BBC or not.

Most people, once they understand employment law, would say of course he isn’t. He works for many other people.”

HMRC is arguing Lineker is essentially a “disguised employee”.

HMRC's action covers work the presenter did for the BBC between the 2013-14 and 2016-17 tax years, and BT Sport for the 2015-16 and 2017-18 tax years.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I'm sure poor old multi millionaire Mr Lineker will have a high flier of a lawyer who will get him off the hook due to some obscure technicality. Meanwhile the working man will be hounded to near death due to alleged monies owed to HMRC all because of sweeping changes to IR35 legislation.

  2. No matter if its Lineker (who does work for lots of employers/contractors) or the working man who works for just one employer, they all entered into an Avoidance scheme.

    I see that most of the working men/women will owe many thousands of pounds in back tax. Obviousy they thought they were going to be better off using a scheme (that was a bit dodgy at the very least) rather than pay PAYE.

    Karma can be a spiteful thing.

    1. It's not an avoidance scheme you clown!

  3. Well of course IR35 has been around for around 20 years and not enforced (until now) in the private sector. Until the recent publicity on IR35, I would guess many contractors would give a blank look if asked what IR35 is. HMRC once again have the tools, do nothing for decades then accuse those affected of being tax avoiders, (which as we all know, is totally legal). Regarding Lineker having many contracts, he could have many many more contracts, that doesn't mean he is not affected by IR35, it's all about the working relationship between employer and worker, not how many "contracts" he has.

  4. Re: the culture of corruption and cover up in the HMRC. I often read stories about their staff bullying, and of various other misdeeds, etc. I often wonder if the perception of virtue attached to certain public sector organisations, as we are seeing with the BBC scandal, provides moral cover for deeply unethical, and perhaps illegal, behaviour?

    About time those HMRC staff who lied in legal proceedings were forced to suffer the consequences!

  5. @8.14 I fail to see how an enquiry into Lineker's employment status has ANYTHING to do with your alleged "corruption and cover up in HMRC"? It is simply (if that is the right word) establishing his terms of employment for tax purposes.

    Avoidance as you should know is not illegal, just sometime immoral.

    Is there any post on which you won't reply with your accusations to? Please GO AND CONSULT a solicitor or the police, or at least answer a post asking if you have done that.