HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 10 November 2022

HMRC's Stunning Improvement in Call Waiting Time


HMRC reduced the average waiting time on its phone lines from 14 minutes 49 seconds in March to 14 minutes 2 seconds in quarter 2 of 2022 to 2023.

That's an improvement of 47 seconds.

Champagne for everyone!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Rishitbag with 700B in the Bank. A wife claiming Non Dom status, living in a Downing Street house we pay for.

    If you haven't figured out it's all a rigged Casino and a two tiered system, after what's gone on the last three years, then there's little chance the penny will drop by now.

    I know what's coming, a lot sooner than you think.

  2. This is the best 'improvement' you can hope for from an organisation that paid vast sums of *your* money to get rid of skilled, tax trained staff in local offices and replaced them with call centre 'agents' whose application for employment at McDonald's was rejected.

    HMRC is an absolute shit show - Lin Homer, Jonathan Thompson and Jim Harra are all responsible for its demise, well done to all, have a gong...

    1. I agree. The last good Chief Inspector as it was known, was Ernest Symons. The rot really started with Montagu, then Battershill (batty as hell I calls him), and made worse by the Scottish lasy that died, whose name escapes me at the mo'.

    2. I would agree with that. The Scottish CEO was the late Lesley Strathie but it was Homer & Thompson who accelerated the decline.

  3. New Online System for VAT is causing 'havoc'. Apparently.

  4. The months with the highest costs, July and August, which were both six figures, are at the height of Summer. Did they turn the tax office into Las Vegas? Did HMRC hold a Taylor Swift concert?

    Not to worry , it's largely addressed. I assume they've just used the off switch.

  5. BBC have found out about the debacle in Nottingham.

    Merry Christmas (unless your paying the bill). They don't need to get a celebrity to turn the lights on. They're on all year round. ...

  6. HMRC are a bunch of useless parasites, with some corrupt and otherwise unemployable losers amongst their ranks for good measure. Absolute scumbags.

    1. @ 21:42. - thanks ever so much for that contribution. I feel that it has enhanced the debate no end.

    2. HMRC is also a hub for workplace bullying. Some staff have been left suicidal as a result.

    3. No it isn't.
      No they haven't.

  7. 24 November @10:03 -
    You are quite correct
    The HMRC workplace bullying is nasty and ruinous
    I'm not at all surprised that staff have been made suicidal
    As a taxpayer, I want to see action taken against the thugs

    1. No staff have been made/left suicidal. This is a lie perpetuated by a regular poster with a beef against the department.

    2. "Yes they do"
      "No they don't"

      I can only speak from personal experience as a former HMRC officer with service spanning three decades.

      HMRC and PCS Union facilitated a bitter campaign of bullying against me, which began after some jealous colleagues were triggered by my promotion to Band O, and which continued for a number of years.

      I suffered a complete mental breakdown and suicidal ideation as a direct consequence.

      HMRC settled my case out of court.

      I am under no illusions about the toxic environment in which HMRC staff work, and the cover ups orchestrated by HMRC management and HR would make a communist regime blush.

      So, have HMRC staff been made/left suicidal? In my experience, yes, and I'm aware that mine is not an isolated case. I know other victims who were bullied out of HMRC, and a few years ago several reputable newspapers reported on HMRC's abusive working culture.

      There are clearly some HMRC staff still suffering such abuse; I hope they can get legal advice and obtain justice.

    3. Please do contact the retired CPS chief who has conducted an investigation about bullying in the fire service. The media has reported that people across the public sector have contacted him about an alleged bullying culture, that includes current and former staff of the police, armed forces, NHS etc.

      HMRC need to be top of the bullying list - not only does HMRC have a culture of brutal bullying, they also expend a huge amount of resources to covering it all. The cover up culture from HMRC not only prevents victims from getting justice, but in so doing, it leaves future bullying victims at risk.

      HMRC must be held to account.

    4. Anyone guilty of misconduct/corruption at HMRC should be prosecuted and, if found guilty, imprisoned.