Thursday 24 August 2023

Mind The Gap!


ICAEW’s Tax Faculty wants to get your thoughts on the top priorities for the development of HMRC’s digital services.

HMRC is seeking to promote a channel shift, away from phone and post to digital services. Most agents would prefer to interact digitally with HMRC, but agents do not have access to all the services available to taxpayers. ICAEW and others have pointed out that HMRC’s services are not comprehensive and do not always work well.  

HMRC’s research with agents suggests that the top priorities should be: 

  • having a single sign on portal; 
  • greater access to client data; and
  • having a secure email link to communicate with HMRC. 

Have your say

The Tax Faculty has shared the above information (go to their website to see the details) on the gaps and problems with HMRC and is keen to get your input.  

Do you think the correct gaps and problems been identified? What is missing?  

Standing back from specific cases and the problems with HMRC’s telephone and post services, where do you think HMRC should prioritise its resources when developing digital services that could alleviate those service performance problems in the longer term? 

Please share you feedback with Caroline Miskin.

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  1. The endless merry go round trying to get HMRC to sort anything that isn't on the script.