Thursday 28 September 2023

Did This Leak Come From Within HMRC?

If this leak has come from within HMRC, it is a very serious breach of confidentiality.

Will HMRC investigate the source?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. It wouldn't be a surprise if a corrupt HMRC employee had leaked this...HR have history for covering up serious data breaches if the perpetrator's face fits...given their hatred of the Tories, imagine this will be similarly swept under the rug.

    These 'people' are scumbags.

    1. At least half the people that I worked with in HMRC and it's predecessor departments over many years were Conservative voters.
      HR staff would know nothing about a tax investigation.
      The 'leak could have come from numerous sources, many outside of HMRC.

    2. Indeed that is correct.

      HR are very good at covering up abuses if they believe it will be damaging for HMRC's reputation.

      Those low IQ misfits also get aroused by the idea tha they're covering up 'noble cause corruption'. They feel their playing's a power thing. What they're actually doing is enabling misconduct and potentially committing criminal offences.

      Investigations are require...with unflinching sentences for the guilty. And you'd better believe me, there are scumbags in HMRC who should be dealt with by the courts...instead they masquerade as 'decent civil servants' and collect an income off the taxpayers they fail.

      They won't evade justice forever.

    3. 30 September @ 20.20.
      Still droning on with your pathetic fantasies after all these years.
      Have you reported your evidence of criminal wrongdoing to the police yet?
      Or is that too much of an effort for you?

  2. Mr Bamford is entitled to expect the same level of confidentiality concerning his affairs as every other taxpayer.

  3. This has been the story for the twenty five years.

    1. Speaking from someone who used to love their job to someone who now hates every day it's all too accurate.