HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 15 October 2012

Mike Falvey Responds To Guardian Leak

Last week the Guardian published an article about leaked documents that detail plans to change the working conditions of the country's 450,000 public sector employees (including those who work for HMRC).

HMRC was quick to react and a day later Mike Falvey, Chief People Officer (a rather clumsy title), wrote a response which a kind loyal reader sent me and which I have attached above. HMRC will send its proposals to the Cabinet Office by 19 October.

By happenstance I am advised that around 500 or so Admin Assistant grade (the bottom grade) employees have been promoted by one grade to Assistant Officers. 

I understand that they were picked by their managers and all they had to do was say yes, not a form in sight.  This of course has upset some who previously had to work very hard producing a CV of competences and be interviewed to get the same result, some very recently.  

The promotions, although first mentioned to staff at the end of the July, occurred around the time of the staff surveys on Friday 28th September.

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  1. Staff survey time again?
    The powers that be don't give a toss about them, never have, never will.
    Learn how to be a 6 Smegma practitioner as well as how to write legibly on a whiteboard add a wee bit of rose tint to your spectacles and bingo, you will still be in a crap job with crap wages and crap prospects and paying more for less on your shrinking pension but at least you might have some idea what the feck they are talking about when they start spouting Japanese words.
    Take a leaf out of Toyotas book and recall another million or more auto's as long as you learn from your mistakes (opportunities) and don't repeat the experience for your customers then lean says its OK.
    So why do Toyota keep fecking up big time - oh yes, LEAN.

  2. If ayone wants to see the original document sent to Department Heads by Frances Mad go onto the PCS website find Thursday or Fridays news and click the link for CABINET OFFICE. There you will find details of what our "leaders" have been told to do.The beginning of the end.