Thursday 18 October 2012

Whither Pavitt?

My thanks to a loyal reader who posted this update about our old chum Phil Pavitt, who apparently has been moved from his role as HMRC's ubiquitous Chief Information Officer:
"I see Pavitt is no longer HMRC CIO. Apparently he has been replaced by his deputy Mark Hall. Pavitt's new title is something like Director General of Security and Information etc. 

Anyone know if this is promotion, demotion or a move sideways. 

Maybe he is just getting off the track before the RTI and Universal Credit express smashes into the buffers killing all on board and letting his underling take all the blame for any train wreck."
My question is this, is the above true?

I ask because:

1 Pavitt appeared to be a great "success" in his role (eg as I wrote in March: "Pavitt is single handedly turning HMRC into a fit and lean (no pun intended) technologically sophisticated organisation"), and

2 His CV on the HMRC site has not been updated to reflect this move:
"Phil's Executive Committee portfolio is Information Management Services and Change in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). He took on the role of Chief Information Officer of HMRC on 2 September 2009.

Phil has over 25 years experience in both private and public sector organisations and was previously CIO of Transport for London, where he led a major overhaul of the IT function. Prior to this he had held positions as CIO at OneTel and NTL.

Alongside his work commitments, Phil is a regular public speaker on a range of topics from leadership to IT delivery. He is also a trustee of Bar 'N' Bus an outreach charity working with young people in South East Essex."
Please can someone advise if he really has been moved, or if this comment is an error?


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  1. He is leading a top-secret team made up of Six Sigma Dojo's searching for the soul of HMRC.
    This is a self directed workteam hence they spread themselves through 360 degrees before entering the darkness of the chamber of self knowledge and learning, the wreck-tum, a place so dark even a whiteboard leaves no trace of its passing.
    Like the pelican, the taxman (6 Smegma) can stick its bill up its ar@e before opening it!
    Horny thologist.

  2. Rather more prosaically... The Pocket guide issued by Corporate Comms and dated September shows him as DG Change, and CIO. Mark Hall shows as IMS Live Services and Deputy CIO

  3. In true R&C tradition the answer is hidden here:

    1. I am confused is a 'Chief' more or less important than a 'Director General' in the great HMRC order of things. Most companies get by with a CEO, CFO and a CIO. The Revenue by contrast has more senior officers than the Byzantine empire. What do they all do

    2. I'm pretty sure the majority of them will spend their time in meetings!

  4. My God, they all look as though they believe in themselves and what they are doing.
    I am sure most of them were extras in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"!
    The eyes never lie and are the window to the soul/less.