HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 5 October 2012

Jumping Ship

On Wednesday I wrote:
"the number of resignations by senior managers at HMRC has ‘jumped sharply’ during the year to 31 March 2012, increasing by 45% when compared to the previous year."
Senior managers are defined as senior civil servants at grades 6 and 7, earning at least £47K per annum.

All very well and good when looking at the "upper echelons" of HMRC, but what about those who work at the coalface?

Is the employment situation more stable there?

Apparently not, according to Economia 1629 HMRC staff resigned during the same period (an increase of  48% when compared with the 1100 who resigned in 2010-11).

The department that suffered the highest number of resignations was personal tax, with 1187, a 71% increase from only 695 in 2010-11.

Enforcement and compliance saw 281 resignations.

The haemorrhaging of expertise and experience from HMRC is neither good for HMRC nor the taxpayers who have to deal with HMRC.

BTW, off topic, Lin Homer seems to be keeping a very low public profile these days. Has anyone seen her recently?

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  1. Well, there are lies, damned lies and then there are HMRC statistics!
    With statistics you get a result based on the figures provided, beginning to see the light yet?
    If you want to analyse the number of people resigning then you use the HMRC figures recorded for resigning staff, whether that figure is correct is irrelevant at this point.
    What this figure does not include is those that have left because they wanted to or had to but are recorded under early leaving by sickness or early retirement etc or even strangely if they are band 6 or above by "redundancy".
    Many of those who have left will have chosen not to complete or take part in the leavers questionairre and their departure will have been recorded by their line manager using whatever description they feel suits the box accordingly.
    So dear readers and Ken, the real figures are likely to be far higher than the ones causing discomfort currently, now, if only these were to come to light somehow?
    Over to you Ken...

  2. D'oh! I don't know where Homie is but this is where she will be on

    Breakfast Briefing: Lin Homer CB, Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary, HM Revenue & Customs

    People exchange
    Leadership programmes & development seminars

    Lin Homer took on her role as Chief Executive of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in January 2012. A huge operation, HMRC has a vital task to perform in bringing in the tax base - £474bn was raised last year – and dealing with millions of users.

    Date: 18/10/2012
    Time: 08:00 - 10:00
    Location: Central London

    Lin Homer will talk about the department’s challenges around efficiency and building trust whilst ensuring their activities are as transparent as possible. Lin will further provide an update on HMRC's transformation and their agenda for the coming years.

    Lin joined the civil service as the Director-General for the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office in August 2005. The Home Office was reorganised in 2008, with the formation of the Border and Immigration Agency, later renamed the UK Border Agency. Lin was appointed as the agency’s first Chief Executive. In 2011, Lin was appointed as Permanent Secretary at the Department for Transport.

    As with all our briefings, this will be an interactive session where attendees will have the opportunity to put questions to Lin and there will also be ample time for networking after the briefing.

    If you would like to attend please complete the booking form below, alternatively email Emma Kelly at with your full contact details and job title.

    Details courtesy of WIG.
    WTF is WIG FFS?!
    Read for yourself...

  3. Hi all

    I am considering applying for the HMRC graduate scheme (yes i know I'm like the devil but someone has to do it!)

    Im trying to obtain some advice and guidance as to whether HMRC is -
    1) a good employer to work for in terms of guidance, training and support etc

    2) Whether making a move to HMRC is a wise choice in terms of my career as I have heard once your in HMRC you're stuck!

    3) What are the opportunities for progression past the grade 6/7 within HMRC (and would i want to go that far) or alternatively if I wanted to resign, would this be an easy step to take, and do i have to be at a certain level to be even considered for roles outside of HMRC.

    Currently I am studying the ACA qualification and are not far off from qualifying, and work within audit and accounts which I do enjoy.

    I am not sure whether to remain in this sector or to move to HMRC due to better career prgoression, prospects, pay, benefits etc.

    I can see the statistics above but these are not very specific and I dont really want to base my choice entirely on this without gaining some advice as to what actually the issues and are why HMRC are so 'shite' to work for.

    Any help or advice from ex HMRC employees or current HMRC employees or anyone that knows anything about working for HMRC etc is much appreciated.

    Thank you

  4. Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs of US providing career prgoression, prospects, pay, why it is shit ? there are some polices which are contradicted due to its wrong results these may be change easily by HMRC