HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

HMRC Cut 41 Jobs In Dundee

PCS are angry with HMRC for cutting 41 jobs in Dundee whilst advertising the same posts elsewhere in the UK.

PCS spokesman John Davidson is quoted by the Courier:
What’s effectively happening is you have 41 people that are fully trained working in Dundee and they are at threat of redundancy. 

Whilst that’s happening, the department has created vacancies elsewhere for the same work and they’ve advertised some of those vacancies externally. 

It doesn’t seem to make a lot of business sense to us for HMRC to effectively pay off people, put them out of a job and at the same time having to retrain brand new people they are getting in off the street.

Obviously it’s really concerning why they are going down this route. 

They have not given us any adequate explanation as to why that’s the case because it’s exactly the same work that they’re getting rid of out of places like Dundee, whilst they are externally recruiting in places like the Midlands.

That strategy effectively means that there will be only 14 sites in the whole of the UK and only two would be in Scotland. There would be one each in Glasgow and Edinburgh and Dundee doesn’t figure in their long-term plans.”
An HMRC spokesperson said:
HMRC has 2,420 people on temporary fixed-term appointments and we recently concluded formal consultation with the department’s trades unions on the future of those whose contracts are due to end in September. 

As part of that consultation HMRC has advertised permanent vacancies in a number of locations that only people on fixed-term appointments could apply for.

In Scotland that has meant that more permanent roles were offered than we have people on fixed-term contracts.

Ensuring HMRC’s workforce and estate fits the needs of the business, and that the UK’s tax system is managed cost effectively, are important considerations.

This means that we will recruit at certain sites, expanding on our existing expertise and the infrastructure at these locations for roles that in some instances are specialised or can cover specific shortfalls.”

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Well it's no secret HMRC wants to downsize to 16 strategic locations in order to do this they have to move the job not the people.

    Unfortunately as we know Excom have as much sympathy with it's staff as ISIS does for non believers and usually the same result occurs though HMRC do allow you to live after they have done it.

    What I aways hated was the FTA's thinking they were the same as employed HMRC staff, they were not but I remember one Lin Homer dial in they hijacked the whole hour.

    It seems FTA's are the future and they get treated a lot better at the moment than permanent staff.

  2. Seems like a straightforward breaking of employment legislation, again. Guess the Dundee Employment Tribunal is going to have even more cases to deal with involving HMRC than usual?
    As for Excom & Co., well, as sympathy lies somewhere between shite and syphilis in a
    dictionary, so lies Excom. Nita Clarke used a short statement within her report..."Trust has got to be built".(People Engagement in HMRC A report to Excom and the HMRC trade unions May 2012) not a chance in hell!