HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday Question

Has anyone (be it an HMRC staff member, or taxpayer outwith HMRC) actually received an invitation to the infamous and universally derided Westminster service planned for September?

Does anyone know anyone who has received the invite?

Does anyone have a copy of the guest list?

I ask because, despite Homer's assertions that the service is designed to raise morale of HMRC staff, methinks that the attendees will in fact be mainly the "big knobs" of HMRC and their chums from the civil service.

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  1. Cannot provide an answer but can provide some observations.

    On a positive note, Homer has obviously accepted at last that staff morale must be so low that it requires something extraordinary to address the issue. That's where the positive ceases.

    More is so low because of the working conditions within HMRC, having a VIP service in any religious building let alone Westminster Abbey in an attempt to raise morale seems an ill-informed method. A neutral image location would have been better.

    The possibility of any average, demotivated and low morale employee and spouse plus kids being invited is lower than Homers credibility, and that is low! Attendees will be "vetted" for sure.

    Those who attend as employees will be sure to be singing from the same hymn sheet as any psychophant would be expected to be.

    Choice of hymns should be interesting, as should the eulogy?

  2. Us plebs on the front line are so grateful to Ms Homer for boosting staff morale by having this event for VIPs and big knobs. What with us having a pay cut this year, PMR, trying to meet increasing targets with less staff and her getting a bonus of more than what 60% of HMRC staff get as a yearly wage!
    Nothing would raise my staff morale more than you putting on a Westminster service for you and your chums. Thank you Ma’am, God bless you.

  3. weird isn't it that an 'all singing and dancing' equal ops and diverse department is choosing to hold 'thanksgiving' (although for what- unless its Homer's well deserved £20K bonus) in a Christian establishment, thus potentially excluding anybody else unable/unwilling to set foot in St Pauls?

  4. I hope the big man up there strikes her down using a religious event like this for her own purposes. If there is any justice she will be going down to the fiery depths of old Nick.

  5. I presume Ken you're using the term "knobs" in the old fashioned sense of important people rather than the more modern sense of pr**ks.

    On second thoughts!