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Monday, 4 August 2014

HMRC Home Visits Query

A loyal reader has asked that I raise a query with other loyal readers about HMRC home visits.

She and her husband believe that they may be entitled to a home visits, based on their personal circumstances, and asks:

-  How does this work in practice?

- What can be expected wrt the competency or otherwise of HMRC's home visitors?

Please comment if you have any information that may be of help.


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  1. Home Visits went with the Enquiry Centres they are now part of the NES which replaced them.

    Here is the process now:

    You telephone HMRC (wait to get an answer), when you get through the initial adviser has four minutes to establish if you need to go through to a secondary adviser.

    If you get through to the secondary adviser they will spend as much time as they need (new system no restrictions yet on time), they will do everything they can to sort your problem over the phone, if after all this they cannot help you they will arrange for you to have a face to face appointment at a mutual agreed location (as long as it is one of the one or two HMRC have chosen and are H&S compliant.

    If you really really cannot go to this location they will do a home visit (bear in mind during this initial period of NES they are being lenient towards home visits).

    When you get to the secondary adviser just keep asking for a home visit and keep pressuring them someone will have to give in at the moment it should be them as they don't want a fuss (remember general election next year).

    There is no other way no to get a home visit other than go through the above other than use Citizen's Advice or similar organization who could argue on your behalf.

    Be aware now EC's are gone HMRC could change goalposts for home visits and face to face, they are currently being very lenient with the staff as it is new and they want it to look like it is working and public friendly.

    Hope this helps :)

  2. Just read pcs website about redundancies