HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 7 August 2014

HMRC's Sparkling Digital Future

As per The Journal, HMRC have opened a "pioneering" digital centre in Benton, Newcastle.

David Gauke opened the centre, the first of its kind, which will help hundreds of thousands of people deal with their finances online.
Gauke said: 
Being digital by default not only means creating simpler and better services for millions of HMRC customers, but saving tax payers’ money in the process too.
It’s a privilege to open the new HMRC digital delivery centre in Newcastle, which is pioneering the way in making services better and cheaper.

I look forward to seeing the results of their innovative work in the coming months and years.
Gauke sat in on a "customer" feedback session during his visit.

"Customers" had a chance to preview new transactions online which are currently in development, such as ‘friends and family’, which allows someone to nominate a person to act on their behalf in their tax matters.

They then fed back to the teams what they liked and disliked about the service on different platforms, and how it can be improved.

Their comments will be taken on in the next design stage of the services to benefit future customers who will use it when it is fully rolled out.

Hey Hoh!

The future is firmly in front of us!

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  1. Yeah!!! Welcome to the world of real time digital disinformation.
    If past performance is an indicator the user's, customers, taxpayers, whatever, are in for a rough ride. As yet the HMRC systems have not proved to be as resilient, connected and up to date as one would expect.
    Digital in any shape or for is as good as the operator and the information never mind the software.
    If it proves to be a success, hurrah, until then scepticism remains, which could be a long time.

  2. Isn't it all just wonderful! Heads still firmly in the sand and trebles all round!
    I presume the system is just for dealing with tax credits (i.e. benefits) as the other trumpeted innovations – 64-8 procedure, online SA and tax accounts - already exist within self assessment.
    I’m just starting to hear a few tales that the RTI end of year figures (P60’s) are often not finding their way to taxpayers’ records, will this new system be any more efficient? If not the whole tax credits/RTI nonsense will turn out to be a bigger joke than any of us had so far envisaged.
    On the income tax side it will be back to business as usual with ordinary, non-SA taxpayers receiving P800T PAYE calculations either with P60 information missing, or with someone else’s details shown!!!

  3. "Figures show that over a quarter of a million (276,000) people have renewed their tax credits online this year."
    Not bad from a total of what must be over 3,500,000 this year? (<10%).
    There's lies, damned lies and then there's HMRC statistics!
    Room for some digital improvement and a need to engage with its customers, digitally of course.

  4. Doomed to failure like most other government IT projects, watch it be dressed up like a dogs turd when the cracks start to appear. EXCOM and their masters really are a shower of s**t.

  5. If you haven't seen the disgraceful news on the pcs website HMRC is making 420 people redundant including people from the EC's who were placed in there at the end of June, this comes a week after the EC's were closed and I have to say Excom never fail to amaze me in their ignorance and total lack of respect for their staff.

    The people who decided to go in there must feel totally betrayed and I don't blame them glad I got out.

    All that just so Excom and Ms Homer could say the people who left last week left voluntarily with exit packages and were not made redundant.

  6. Private Eye current issue P29 - HOMERS ODDITY
    "Homer is Whitehall's most accomplished spouter of mangled management speak..."
    You can start your own conspiracies as to how and why this woman is where she is! Obvious candidate for yet another "lame dameship".
    As for the poor souls that were hoodwinked by Excom & Co, PCS is no doubt fighting your corner, I would be seeking a refund.

  7. It might come as a surprise to HMRC but computers have always been 'digital'.

    Putting stuff on the web does not make them more so