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HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Homer Seeks Divine Intervention

As loyal readers know, HMRC and its CEO Lin Homer have been having something of a rough time of it recently.

Under such circumstances it is natural for people to feel despondent and stressed out. Thus Homer has sought divine help, in the form of a VIP service is to be held at Westminster Abbey on 23 September.

Apparently the service will be a vehicle used to recognise HMRC's work collecting revenue. Guests will include staff, civil servants and partners; they will participate in a service that will pay tribute to HMRC.

Apparently, according to HMRC's way of thinking, the service will boost staff morale!

Disregarding the fact that I personally don't believe in god, I would like to make a number of observations:
  • In the event god exists, would he/she really want a religious service for a civil service department?
  • I assume that some of the staff invited may not themselves believe in god, how then precisely does this help staff morale?
  • Despite the fact that, according to the bible, "we should render unto Caesar what is Caesar's etc" (Mark 12:17) the bible wasn't quite pushing for us to worship tax collecting authorities.
  •  Is Homer so desperate (or deluded) that she believes that she is on a holy mission?
  • God should be kept out of politics and the civil service (irrespective of the fact that we live in a country where the head of state is also head of the church).

Out of interest, has any loyal reader received an invitation to this event?

If so please could he/she drop me a line?


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  1. What a can of worms this has opened;
    Check date, nope, it's August 26th not April 1st!
    Recognition of doing its job ffs! Given its poor performance and the mess it is in what would she be doing if they had actually performed well, hired the Mormon Tabernacle
    in Salt Lake City
    Will diversity be respected and reflected as in civil service staff beliefs to include all
    faiths and beliefs including non-believers?
    What has Gus O'Donell got to do with this, he is retired now
    This is where the "Angels and Dragons" policy was destined to lead HMRC all along.
    Homer will lead Excom in a mass admission of failure, bullying and other transgressions in an attempt to seek forgiveness, as if!
    Perhaps all the Lean/Pacesetter evangelists will be leading the communal singing with the HMRC company song - Always look on the bright side of life?!

    If the whole thing was not so tragic it would be even more hilarious, don't forget, the customers will be paying for it out of their taxes.

  2. Having searched hmrc Westminster abbey I have changed my mind, it's not so much a can of worms it's more a bucket of slippery frogs combined with a genie out of the bottle looking at most of the postings which tend towards critical rather than supportive for some unfathomable reason!

  3. Isn't there something in the bible about money changers and temples?

  4. As a Census identified Jedi Knight as well as an ex.Cussie and unfortunately ex. HMRC (dreadful mob) now retired taxpayer I would dearly love to know what planet Links Homer fell to earth from.
    For an individual with such an appalling cv she makes an ideal advert for all that is wrong within HMRC and the once Civil, service!
    What on earth is this individual doing organising a service in Westminster, she should be undertaking penitence?
    Has the general, taxpaying public got no idea how much money this inept woman has caused to be wasted in various public offices she has polluted?
    Cameron must put a stop to this before the issue gets out of hand and becomes a huge international embarrassment. Her decision has already attracted broad criticism and could yet make a laughing stock of HMG.
    This is delusional at best, at worst it is a massive self interested waste of taxpayers money.
    Someone get a grip.

  5. As an HMRC (IR) member of 25 years I found this both laughable and disgusting, bad enough EXCON giving themselves £30000 bonuses (I got £130) this year they dream uo this load of s***e!

    I have made my views clear via the national Hotseat and would urge all other HMRC staff to do the same.

    As for invites, nobody I've spoken to knew anything of this, there is nothing on the HMRC Intranet and no Press Briefing, it is a closed shop jolly for the same old faces.

  6. This woman has no moral compass as can be seen by her career record, our only hope is she will get hers in the afterlife.

  7. The sooner the better