HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Avoid Suicidal Thoughts Out of Office Hours

Following calls from desperate contractors facing the loan charge tax demands, the Loan Charge Action Group (LCAG) wrote to Jon Thompson on the 13th June, calling on HMRC to set up a 24-hour helpline for those facing suicidal thoughts and severe anxiety as a result of receiving unpayable demands and threatening letters from HMRC.

Unsurprisignly, HMRC took over three weeks to respond to the letter and then the reply came not from Thompson, but from Julie Elsey, the person at HMRC responsible not for mental health, but for Counter Avoidance.

Business Matters reports that Elsey’s letter offered to assist to “help people put their tax affairs right”. However, the advice is only available between 8:30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Sounds like a typical HMRC fudge. No matter the affect of what they do, they could not care less about people. I served HMRC in a front line role for decades and was hounded out by a bullying manager who was engaged in a campaign of unlawful misconduct, including leaving me in fear at my home address. As a result, I was left with severe depression & anxiety, and despite HMRC's full awareness of their misconduct and the impact, they demonstrated by repeated bullying, even for a very long time after I had been forced out (some 'person' from their HR department even sent an email, in an attempt to goad me, very late on a Friday evening, some 18 months after the law-breakers had forced me out!) that they are inhumane scumbags. Suffering PTSD and suicidal thoughts, HMRC still saw fit to make false submissions in legal proceedings in their corrupt attempt to avoid justice. Vile law-breakers. I hope taxpayers suffering as a result of HMRC are able to get the proper help they need. Perhaps they should crowd source to take legal action against HMRC and the Senior Management?

  2. Last time I checked HMRC was not a mental healthcare provider. Odd, that.

    Undoubtedly many who foolishly signed up for these loan schemes thought, and indeed led to believe by "advisers", they were being very clever and on to a sure winner when if fact they were mugs grossly out of their depth and did not understand they were carrying all the very considerable long term risk whilst somebody else took the fees.

    Now the price is to be paid and for some the only viable solution is not through being "helped" by HMRC into a wholly crippling settlement but going through a properly controlled and structured insolvency process.

    Which of course is a whole world of pain in its own right but sometimes will be the lesser of two evils.

    Carries no brownie points for HMRC of course so you can be sure what that "help" won't contain

  3. HMRC, as a government department, have a duty of care to those impacted by retrospective tax charges.

    The response from Julie Elsey is wholly negligent.

    What happened to a little humanity from our state tax dept?

    1. The HMRC buried humanity many years ago following the merging of Customs with Inland Revenue...they treat everyone with disdain now.

    2. Yep, HMRC treated everyone as scumbags now...a complete disgrace to their great predecessor by management who, when caught out, will lie, lie, lie...

    3. A long time LE colleague of mine from C&E days asked me if I would ever return, given the chance.
      I replied along the lines of 'after what they did to me, my family and my team colleagues, I would not cross the asphalt to passs water upon them were they alight' or words to that effect!

    4. They do, but unfortunately they don't even exercise that duty of care to their own staff either.

      Everyone's treated as scumbags, whether staff or taxpayers.

      There's no humanity, and I dare say the longer term goal will be to privatise (and then god help taxpayers).

    5. I was left suicidal by the law-breakers at HMRC brutal campaign of bullying. I can attest that there is no humanity in HMRC's cowardly, narcissistic thugs...