HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 23 July 2018

HMRC's £3M Bonuses

Last year HMRC paid out £3M in bonuses to staff, the average bonus payment to employees was just under £250.

However, at the top end two staff received between £15,000 and £20,000, while another 17 received an extra £12,500.

I don't doubt that many were well deserved. However, given that the organisation is failing, I wonder if the top end payments were quite so appropriate?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. If you write your own objectives and then write your performance report showing that you have consistently exceeded those 'challenging' objectives...
    well bu££er me, you end up with a whopping bonus for some fecking reason!
    Seemples, peeples.
    Does help if there is some sort of 'common porpoise' connectivity.

  2. Bonuses for what?
    An inefficient, incompetent and failing organisation
    Perhaps HMRC are rewarding corrupt HMRC bullies for driving their colleagues out of the place, thus saving the taxpayer redundancy or compensation???

  3. I expect the stats will come out. It will not be the AOs on the phones receiving the bonuses. They are the ones who deserve a bonus. Not the FLMs who daren't take a complaint call. Not the HOs who do virtually nothing. They call themselves 'leaders'. What on earth for?

    1. 100% agreed above...the A grades are the only ones doing any work...and are daily being shafted...a disgrace !!

    2. Well said.. Most Higher Officer & Senior Officers grades at hmrc that I've ever met can barely 'lead' themselves let alone others.

      Some such people are the same people who have been complicit in bullying and misconduct, and actively cover up the same. People like them holding public sector roles are a scourge on society!!

      An absolute joke. What a wasteful use of multiple £30-45k per year salaries.

    3. And i hope the public know that 50% of HMRC staff's performance is dependent on behaviours.....they want us to go to meaningless meetings,learning events on things that has nothing to do with taxes...Jon Thompson's Operation Development Profession....a nauseating pirce of airy waffle that is being paid for by the taxpayers like you and me...and i am in the HMRC at the could not make this shit up....the A grades want to do the work...we want to do a decent day's graft....this crap that is being pushed down our throats is nothing to do with tax collection or paying tax credit.
      I say this without doubt.....Band O are a spineless lot who should know better.....the grades above are a showe of bullying get the odd decent one...but the rest just want to pick up their overpaid wages...for doing fuck all.
      If the A grades downed tools the pack of cards would collapse...but they have managed to bring in all the new recruits who don't know any better......quality in the HMRC is at rock's all "process now...pick up all the mistakes later"....SCANDALOUS !!!!

    4. Horrible place to work !!

    5. We bring in the tax receipts...they treat us like shite !!

  4. Being in Civil Service since the early 70's gave an insight into the system at work, and the overwhelming majority of staff at all levels were honest, industrious and proud of being a civil servant in a secure job, although the pay wasn't brilliant, the leave and pension were worth the sacrifice 9n terms of salary.
    Over a couple of decades that all changed and along with a move towards the policies of the madhous came the mantra 'just f*2king do it...!'
    Many people will recall the numerous catchy named adaptations and themes that slowly drifted in and then out of favour, having cost millions to promulgate and inculcate these policies were treated with derision by those at the work face who attempted to carry on as best as possible in an atmosphere of job cuts and salary freezes as well as less beneficial pensions and working conditions.
    Prime examples of the themes include;
    Investors In People or IiP or Idiots in Power as it came to be remembered (I knew a Senior Trading Standards manager who said the only reason the award was not used as an ashtray was because it was made of plastic),
    Others came and went until that fateful day that some Common Purpose lunatic launced the ill-fated Toyata based production system, Lean, on an unsuspecting workforce.
    Since proven to be a costly and less effective method of improving the likes of HMRC, maybe someting to do with the basic difference between manufacturing for profit and providing an efficient public service? The sorry edifice has caused havoc and mayhem and across the board inefficiencies, BUT, just like Yhe Emperor's New Clothes story, the believers will not tell the powers that be that it has failed, just as IiP did.
    What Lean has done is introduce a do as we tell you environment in which useless types are promoted to positions of influence and are allowed to get away with bullying and various other forms of civil and criminal lawbreaking.
    Its all there to see, just do your own research.
    Any wonders now why the situation is so bad?
    There is no room for individualism, unless its a politically correct thing that is proposed, pointing out the obvious failings, even before they occur, gets a relative kicking and as for dissent (which see), well, good luck with that.
    So behaviours, competancies and other forms of abstract bullshite rule and the staff and taxpayers (customers. FFS?!) pay for the mess in numerous ways.
    Civil Service no more, now jst a den of iniquity covered by smoke and mirrors.
    Have a good weekend all ;)

    1. Brilliantly written...sums up the shambles we the lower grade HMRC staff have to contend with daily....there is no quality at all's pure quantity...process at all costs...clean up the mess further on down the line...a disgrace !!