HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Head of Office of Tax Simplification Helps Set Up Tax Haven

Angela Knight has been head of the Treasury's Office for Tax Simplification since 2015, when George Osborne gave her the job, charging her with "simplifying the UK tax system".

VICE reports that since February 2018, Knight has been Deputy Chairman of the Astana Financial Services Authority in Kazakhstan. Her job is to help this board regulate the "Astana International Financial Centre" (AIFC), a tax haven being set up by the President of Kazakhstan.

Does this matter?

Some argue that tax havens facilitate not only tax avoidance (perfectly legal) but tax evasion and money laundering (both of which are illegal).

However, fear not, a spokesperson said:
"The appointment to the Astana Financial Services Authority was fully declared, considered appropriate, and entered on Angela Knight's register of interests. The role in Kazakhstan involves advising the Kazakh authorities on how to improve their governance and financial regulation."
See, nothing to see here at all!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Her name rhymes with Shite. Not the best omen.

  2. What's the big issue?

    Beginning in 2020, all citizens of Kazakhstan will be obligated to file income tax returns.


    Government corruption, organized crime, and a large shadow economy make the country vulnerable to money laundering. A significant part of Kazakhstan’s extractive sector wealth is held in offshore accounts with little public scrutiny or accounting oversight. The major sources of laundered proceeds are graft by public officials, tax evasion, and fraudulent financial activity, particularly transactions using shell companies to launder funds returned in the form of foreign investments. In addition, the smuggling of contraband goods and fraudulent invoicing of imports and exports by Kazakhstani businessmen remain common practices.

    Kazakhstan recently established the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), intended to serve as a regional financial hub and offshore zone, to be governed by a separate legal system based on British Common Law, overseen by a to-be-established Financial Supervisory Agency. (same source)

    Look! Another squirrel...

  3. Looking at her CV this comes as no suprise!

  4. HMRC is corrupt! Law-breaking covered up by those at the very top! Nothing surprises me with that nasty mob anymore!