HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Passport Control - HMRC Takes Charge

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  1. Look, a squirrel!
    As an ex. Customs Officer who suffered under HMRC mis-management, even I am surprised at this clusterfeck. This must be costing a fortune, and why? One presumes it is a political move to keep the queues down as e.Borders doesn't seem to work as planned. Why not employ G4s, it would be cheaper and they could be vetted as appropriate.
    What's next in this 'paradigm shift', post room staff searching passengers bags, Excom undertaking Road Fuel Testing (nah, too smelly and dirty and confrontational), I know, Lean applied to Community Transit/T-Forms, that would be a laugh.
    10 days training to be a passport stamper (Immigration Officer), what does that tell you about our immigration 'controls'?
    Samuel Pepys must be rolling in his grave...'Dear Diary, today...'

  2. Perhaps the Keystone's finest are doubling up and getting two birds with one stone... Is something happening next spring that might 'stretch resource' too?

  3. Bit like the P.M., 'going to hell in a handbasket'!
    Makes one wonder how effective the likes of Common Purpose, Lean have proven to be.
    Davies, Boris, who will be the 'Turd'?

  4. Who used to run the Borders Agency? Remind us. What are these staff not now doing? How many?

  5. They are a bunch of call centre workers who have kissed the right cheeks and their team has a rather impressive sounding title called surge and rapid response team. Implying blue flashing lights, body armour and competence. Meanwhile they neglect their main duty of answering the volume of unanswered calls to go on jollies for Monarch airline customers and create more chaos. Join the PT Operations call centre dots folks. It explains quite a bit notwithstanding EXCOM'S obsession to hang on to the gravy train when lacking the same competence.

  6. How on earth can HMRC's amateurish staff, who normally process tax returns, be trusted on our Borders?

    This is an organisation who should not be trusted with anything. Always assume the worst until they can prove otherwise. As a former employee of the department, I witnessed a nasty charade whereby an SO grade manager criminally mishandled my personal data, unlawfully disclosing it to third parties including those outside HMRC, such as her boyfriend, all as part of her campaign of bullying and harassment. This was covered up with the help of a G7 manager, G6 manager (assistant director), HR and endorsed by Senior Management to my detriment. Failure to maintain confidentiality, failure to comply the law, dishonest behavior falling well below any acceptable standard of integrity - and all swept under the carpet. In other words -CORRUPT!!!

    Are these the type of rogues we want on UK borders? Thanks but no thanks.

  7. Many years ago I was one of a select band of officers that manned single officer stations, these were not bachelor postings for single men, no 'wimmin' in them days, rather they were postings at which you would 'protect the revenue', later changed to 'protecting society'! Gawd knows what the current statement or 'message' is but it probably includes some form of diversity and refernce to 'customer'.
    I drift, yes, in those days H.M. Customs expected you to look after your little port, creek harbour, airfield or airstrip or even RAF Lyneham at times, whilst on your own,
    There were no mobile phones, no radios comms. (airwaves or other), no handcuffs, gas sprays, batoms or stab/ballistic protection. If you were lucky the phone worked and you could dial 999 and invoke your powers, it might take the Police some time to respond over maybe 30 miles or more, but at least you would know they were on there way/
    You had to have experience, confidence, ability and excellent communication skills, a level head and an ability to not only think on your feet but be prepared to act on your own (no-ome elses) initiative. A sprinkling of Nous could come in handy at timesas well.
    Duties might include clearing the odd corpse, imported car, smuggling prevention and detection, cover for Immigration and S.B. should they not attend at 02;45 or later, Port and Plant Health and collection of light dues to name a few.
    Somehow I do not believe that the current Muppets could make decent tea let alone carry out any of the foregoing on their own sans comms and equipment.
    Working on the Cutters helped mould many of those officers who transferred to such delightful stations as Sharpness, Fowey, Salcombe, Scilly Isles (though you had to vacate the offical house when Wilson visited as P.M. regularly. An ability to handle a launch was a distict advantage for the small ports, and a driving licence came in handy in places like Lerwick and Kirkwall.
    So, when I read that call centre staff or other 'flying monkeys' are manning passport controls, sigh, the mind boggles.
    10 days training, blimey, they must be good to be able to use the Mk1 eyeball, grey matter and tongue in order to spot and deal with various ne'er do wells, unsavoury characters and vagabonds, let alone your average terrorist or smuggler.
    Was that the dinner gong Chief? ;)

  8. Actually, let's not get too excited about this. All they're doing is checking the photo matches and scanning the passport into the database to check on undesireables. No skill involved and the only speaking to do will be to say "Wait your turn behind the line", and "Next one forward". Nothing to see here and I am surprised it's taking 10 days training for what is essentially a "helping" role.

    1. Oh that I shared your faith in the infallability of the likes of facial scanning, secure biometric data chips (look on-line at USA examples), human comparison abilities via eye and brain, let alone passport security (lose unissued passports when a sub-contractors van is hijacked because the driver stopped for a chocolate bar and left the keys in the ignition to make it easier.
      Bit like nuclear power being 100% safe or May delivering on manifesto details.
      So, not excited, merely pragmatic, a bit like the undesireables who will have done their homework.
      Dream on. ;)