HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 30 July 2018

HMRC Failing For Britain

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  1. Plagiarism?

    See HMRC's Catch 22 18 July 2018
    Scroll down to last post on 20 July 2018 at 16:36

    remember where you heard it first folks, but no problemo ;)

  2. Draw your own conclusions whether HMRC is 'Failing'.

    1. This is another HMRC LIE; from the PCS article:-
      'HMRC accepts the ACAS definition of bullying which is:
      “Offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, an abuse or misuse of power through means that undermine, humiliate, denigrate or injure the recipient.”'

      HMRC do not accept accept any definition of bullying. They are human abusers with scant regard for the rule of law.

      When I was subjected to this vile, abusive, behaviour it was covered up from the very top. Messrs Barker, Gordon, Reid and others, were complicit in a shabby, dishonest, cover up with the help of a law breaking Senior Officer line manager who should have been bought before a court of law for her misconduct.

      As the victim I was left threatened (the HMRC CEO lied to my local MP, no less), seriously ill, suicidal, broken and homeless.

      Worth bearing in mind that if the HMRC bullies had behaved like this in a domestic setting rather than in a workplace they would be facing a serious sentence!!!

      In any event, there were a number of existing criminal and civil laws broken and HMRC have done their best, to date, to suppress the truth. Evidence of the truth exists and it will come out!!!

    2. Anyone currently being bullied inside HMRC should treat PCS' offer of confidentiality with extreme caution!

      When I was being bullied by a law-breaking female manager, information being discussed in confidence with PCS was being passed back to help the bully construct a false narrative. Step forward Rose and Marilyn - you two are duplicitous & unprofessional and a disgrace to the trade union movement.

  3. Well as someone who was recently made redundant from HMRC International Trade ( post clearance inspection). I can confirm that HMRC efforts to control third country imports is risible. Nobody in higher management understood the importance of customs control as they were all focussed on direct taxes. The Customs policy experts have not been replaced. Similarly frontier customs controls are vertually nil as the Border Force is being run by the Home Office who are only interested in passport scanning. There has been no interest in customs control since the merger and will take a massive investment in money and time to recreate the level of exspertise that once existed.

  4. Bullying;

    Read the narrative re PCS report, not very impressed, and the "statistics" speak louder than the words.
    12% said they had been bullied = 88% not bullied
    34% said they reported it = 66% didn't report it
    22% said it was resolved = 78% said it wasn't resolved

    Bearing in mind that these are stats from those that responded, what are the numbers for this particular directorship in HMRC, bearing in mind there are quite a few directorships making up HMRC. This can only be the tip of a very large iceberg.
    Well done to the SMT involved, trust that the motivation is purely altruistic.

    Expand beyond current directorship'
    Don't restict to 1 year (this goes back beyong the formation of HMRC)
    Don't restrict to current staff
    Read Ken's blog!
    Speak to media, M.P.'s and canvass opinion of medical profession and Capita

    There was a very effective review of a certain HM Customs work area centered on a certain area covering anti-smuggling and intelligence staff some years ago, it led to over 70 complaints and 2 of the upheld cpmplaints led to satff receiving monetary 'compensation' payments as a result.
    The manager at fault was removed from any responsibility for managing staff and was never again supposed to have had any responsibilty for managing any staff again.
    Moving forward, lo and behold in a certain HMRC LE Intelligence silo the same manager was once again, at a higher level this time, responsible for managing staff. The sunbsequent turnover in staff and complaints against this individual did nothing to wake up the management (need a seperate investigation) and Professional Standards plus a brace of CEO's were asleep on watch.
    Calculations at the time for one small team affected were out of 7, 3 left, 1 transferred back to a high stress role rather than remain, 2 escaped to Border Farce and 2 remained. The costs of sick leave, numerous grievances and appeals and retraining for staff replacing those that left 'specialist' roles was calculated as exceeding £1/4m.
    Further, this time somewhat unfounded grievances were raised by the manager in a repeat of earlier attempts to cloud issues, all failed, the manager 'left' unexpectedly and somewhat unexplained before 12 months expired.

    The fact that this occurred within the Law Enforcement/Intelligence silo should cause sleepless nights when you consider what some managers authorise within the evidential chain!

    I did offer to help management at the time to attempt to ensure there were no repeats of my teams circumstances, it fell on deaf ears, but the offer is still open.

    The road to recovery may well start with the first step, HMRC may well be taking that step.

    1. Nope....HMRC are doing what they do best....ticking a box....and doing fuck all about it.


    3. Very succinctly put @ 07:45. HMRC are not going to change unless, or until, staff engaged in bullying are held criminally liable for suffering and losses they cause.

      Their current approach of constructing false narratives to fit an account around the real evidence is not indicative of an organisation taking this unsavory misconduct seriously. Moreover, when HMRC have been put on notice that cases are likely to end up in employment tribunal or county court, continuing down the road of dishonestly manipulating the evidence and making false statements is very clearly an attempt by HMRC to pervert the course of justice; surely even HMRC must understand that and have some idea as to the gravity of that conduct?

      The CEO being less than honest in a letter to an MP was a rather sad attempt at victim blaming. Until they changed their warped mindset as to what goes on, I fear they are a long way off taking the first steps.

    4. When HMRC management provide false accounts to cover misconduct - their own and others - how can they then be trusted to sign off tax assessments or be part of the evidential chain?

      Makes me wonder because I knew of a manager whose nose grew like Pinocchio's in desperately trying to cover her tracks. A wicked, cowardly, misfit sort who would have been prosecuted if senior management had any integrity.

    5. With so many accounts of HMRC bullying, misconduct, law-breaking and cover-ups across on this site and across the internet how on earth can the government ignore the demands for action anymore?

    6. The issue of bullying is definitely being amplified. How many victims are there? Will any HMRC staff PAST or PRESENT be put in the dock anytime soon?

      Misconduct in public office; Harassment Act 1997; Data Protection Act 1998; Commissioner's for Revenue & Customs Act 2005; attempting to pervert the course of justice etc etc not to mention the numerous civil laws broken!

      Follow. the. evidence. and. leave. no. place. for. the. rogues. to. hide!!!!!!!

      Their lack of integrity is a stain on the reputation of all decent civil servants past and present. Unacceptable.

    7. Is it? Or is it the same obsessive person repeating the same dreary delusions over and over again and getting nowhere. There is no stain on reputations.

    8. With views like that plus an inability to differentiate between individual styles of writing and accounts, I call fast track shill - standing out like a wreckers light!
      Welcome back, it has been a while.

    9. Lack of empathy, psychopathic traits;

    10. Funny how people who didn't get justice ,
      when giving accounts online of bullying ,
      suddenly some fast track , gravy train, f***wit pops up
      typical hmrc management ,
      need to open your eyes and mind to reality ;
      its not all warm and fuzzy like they told ya

  5. HMRC is a Hell Hole to work in.

  6. I urge everyone to tell the PCS what is going on in this shithole ....whether you think they are a chocolate teapot or least things will be brought out in the open..there is no good moaning among your fellow has to be made more official.

  7. I urge HMRC staff who are being bullied and subjected to violent mistreatment: please do not to suffer in silence.

    Make sure you speak to friends and family; go and see your GP.

    Speak with PCS, as advised by the above poster, and tell them what is going on. If they refuse to help, report it to the legal department at PCS HQ; unions members have rights and are entitled to see action.

    Ultimately, do what is right and appropriate. If HMRC are breaking criminal law, if might be appropriate to report HMRC directly to the police or get a solicitor.

    Write to your MP to make them aware. Keep evidence of every conversation with HMRC; sadly they are evil liars and you will need to rely on contemporaneous notes as a bare minimum.
    If all else fails there is always the whistle blowing route - there is a huge story to be told in relation HMRC conduct and if publications such as The Times and The Daily Mail investigate be in no doubt broadcasters like the BBC will follow; at that point, the genie will be out of the bottle and the clean up of the corrupt HMRC will begin - surely start with the prosecution of staff, past or present, engaged in the harmful bullying which has caused too much harm to too many.

  8. I currently work 37 hours per week for the HMRC...and let me state this as a fact...I am "encouraged" to state on my statistics sheet that i work only 34 hours per week...this is not a directive that management will put in's all smoke and mirrors....all to make the productivity and figures look better than they really are for's corporate's disgusting

    1. Wait until they start paying you for the 34...

    2. They do...with their just above minimum wages....and another pathetic decrease this year....scum !!!

  9. This is not news. HMRC and HMG have been told in very clear terms by European Commission OLAF precisely what the problem is.

    There is indeed a Black Hole at the heart of the Chequers Brexit proposal and it is a fatal

    It is called HMRC, in particular the so called management of same, which is wholly unfit for purpose.