HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Panorama - Are You Paying Too Much Tax?

Too Much Tax?I have been contacted by Claire Judge, of Nine Lives Media, wrt a Panorama programme that she is doing research for. In brief, she is looking for people to contact her wrt issues/problems that they have experienced concerning HMRC.

Here is her request unedited:

"After last week’s report from the National Audit Office on HM Revenue 2009 – 2010 accounts, Nine Lives Media have been commissioned by BBC Panorama to make a programme: Are You Paying the Right Tax? The report highlighted the 18.2 million backlog of cases revealing that around half these cases are likely to involve an over or underpayment of tax and that these may lead to repayments and recoveries in the order of £3 and £1.4 billion. That’s a lot of people paying the wrong tax.

The programme will look at how and why so many incorrect tax codes were sent out in January, meet people who were affected, and try identify groups who might be in for a surprise when correct codes are finally calculated and demands for payments are sent out.

Claire, researcher at Nine Lives Media, says: “We thought one interesting approach might be to look at different sorts of common errors that have come to light following the tax code fiasco and look for examples of people who have already been affected.”

“We understand the importance of confidentiality, but if you have been affected by this, or know of anyone who might illustrate this problem we’d love to hear from you or have you pass on our interest. We would only ever broadcast details of a particular case if we had full consent of the people involved.”

If you wish to share your tax issues with Nine Lives, and potentially be involved in the programme, please call Claire on 0161 832 2007 or email

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. And I'm sure it'll be an unbiased documentary.

  2. Well, even if it is biased, HMRC have given cause for no shortage of facts for them to use in their documentary.

    Trevor Scott

  3. Even if it were biased towards HMRC it would still be embarrassing for them.

  4. GOOD. More of the same to expose the power hungry ego maniacs running HMRC to the ground.

  5. Well, there's some good news for you: we were told in an sudden announcement yesterday that - if you pay your taxes via PAYE only - HMRC will now write off underpayments of up to £300 (the previous limit was £50).

    Gee, the country must be awash with money to be able to afford that! Or is it that management are panicking about the backlog of work again? I wonder...