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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

There Is Nothing Like a Dame - Delusions of Grandeur

I see that the "respected leader" of HMRC, Dame Lesley Strathie, has delusions of grandeur.

The FT reports that the "Grande Dame" has appointed Carol Bristow (a director-level tax expert) as her personal aide.

Senior civil servants, such as Sir Gus O'Donnell the cabinet secretary, do not normally "big themselves up" by appointing such senior personal assistants.

Maybe someone should tell the "Grande Dame" that there are cuts and redundancies going on in HMRC?

Maybe the "Grande Dame" simply isn't up to the job?

She should have a care that people do not start to regard her as nothing more than a third rate pantomime dame.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I guess it is lonely at the top after all.

  2. Nice to see at a time when staff are being 'let go' and all Government departments are facing deep cuts that she's feel able to make this appointment ?

    Anyone care to hazard a guess at what the salary might be for a post like this.

    Just shows that she's doesn't give a toss about what anyone thinks of her or her working methods. That level of arrogance must take some work to maintain. . .

  3. "That level of arrogance must take some work to maintain. . ."

    Maybe that's part of the brief for the new PA.

  4. Any odds on the PA's nickname?
    Any advance on Buttons?

  5. She might not have to justify her own existence (and I doubt she could), but surely she has to justify this post?
    Its got be 100k hasn't it ?

    How can she have got it passed ?

  6. "Its got be 100k hasn't it ?"

    Don't let the pub landlord hear about this. He would be quit upset about a secretary earning 100k.

  7. Shame you've chosen to ignore the rest of the FT article, which is all about Hartnett etc cosying up with big business to ensure the rest of us get systematically ripped off.

    So maybe Strathie is spending £100k on an aide. That is indeed an outrage at a time of swingeing cuts. However, the hegemony that ensures big business and the richest in society pay less than the democratic process mandates the government to charge them, which Hartnett helps to perpetuate, costs society billions.

    I know which I think is most worth blogging about.

    Stew G

  8. 22:18, your wish may come true

  9. If you Google "Carol Bristow" and "Leslie Strathie" you will see that Bristow has been attending HMRC meetings for some years. Begs the question whether it was just an internal HMRC promotion or sideways move. In which case,it's certainly not a £100,000 salary!

  10. 19 January 2011 22:18

    It looks like you have got what you asked for. With Ken siding with the multinationals and Dave Hartnett.

  11. Wasn't Baldrick a personal aid?

  12. Baldrick had a cunning plan.

    HMRC have got a planning cu- oh, hang on...