HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Benchmarking Redundancy Payments

I assume that "benchmarking" forms part and parcel of the daily ritual of the "improvement processes" being applied in HMRC?

Therefore it may prove helpful to staff who are being made redundant to know that (according to the Telegraph) HMRC paid out £18,603,327 in redundancy payments to 528 department staff last year.

That works out at an average of around £35K each.

As already noted by one loyal reader, Bernadette Kenny, who was the director-general for personal tax at HMRC, received a lump sum of £151,480 and an annual payment of £50,493 until 2016.

She has since started work as the chief executive at the Church of England Pensions Board, a job advertised as coming with a “competitive six-figure package”.

However, she was of course a "special case".

Civil servants are all equal, except some are more equal than others.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Ah,the lovely Ms. Kenney........the price of silence,it seems, is going up rather faster than inflation.......

  2. HMRC is almost in freefall and needs some rapid assistance to get itself sorted out.

    BTW Ken, what were the special measures mentioned some time ago and imposed I believe by cabinet Office?

    Go on Prime Minister, bite the bullet, put Alan Sugar in there, most other things have been tried like people from the financial or accounting sectors try a real businessman who has known failure as well as success. I bet he gets it turned round in 18 months but some people will not like his methods, they won't be the public...

  3. Put an MP in there, it doesn't matter which party, empower them as a trouble shooter.
    As long as it is someone who can see through the smoke and mirrors of modern management geekspeak, pacesetter and lies.
    Yes, quite a challenge, who would you vote for that could set the right benchmark and see it through?
    Caroline Flint?
    Dennis Skinner?
    David Davies?

  4. Looks like the pat-offs are pretty good, just how long was Ms. Jenny "working" for HMRC?

  5. Glad I don't have a C of E pension in that case.

    Is there a reason Kenny was a special case?

    BTW I would put Harriet Harmon in there she could out PC the Pacesetters!

    Don't give up on your dreams HMRC workers there is a wind of change coming its called common sense.

  6. I remember the old style Civil Service, you never had any of these problems or issues and if a Committee said something, it only had to be said once and heads would have rolled before now.
    Never mind its 2011 and we have a modern Civil Service now and HMRC has a vison and a way and a...?... oh yes,... very bad reputation.

  7. @2 August 2011 23:29

    Yep, with a modern civil service, unfortunately comes a modern view of 'corporate responsibility'.

  8. @2 August 2011 17:29

    Given his unique ability to market useless products (remember Amstrad emailer phone), he might be the ideal person to head a department which has embraced 'pacesetter'.

  9. Redundancy programs run by in house management and HR always suck because in my experience from the private sector it is always the wrong people who are fired. Much as I distrust outside consultants this is one area where they can add value as they will invariably show no mercy to whole swathes of lick arse middle and upper management who always miraculously avoid the chop when these things are organised internally. No surprise this is the one type of private experise that the senior civil service avoid like the plague

  10. ive worked in IR/HMRC for 15 years, where do i sign up for that package?