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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 30 November 2012

Homer Calls For Unity

I see on the civil service website that Lin Homer recently wrote a joint article article calling for unity within the civil service.

I wonder if this is a straw in the wind, and that she is preparing for a larger role outwith HMRC?

Anyone care to speculate?

Here is the aricle in full:
“The public establishments of this country … are regulated upon the principle of merely departmental promotion … The effect naturally is, to cramp the energies of the whole body, to encourage the growth of narrow views.”

These words were written by Stafford H. Northcote and C. E. Trevelyan in 1853 in their report on the organisation of the Civil Service. Since then the Civil Service has gone through many changes of structure, size and outlook, but our need to break down boundaries between departments remains.
Key to this is the Civil Service Reform Plan, which we very much hope you’ve all read and discussed in your teams. We both believe the Civil Service Reform Plan can and should be implemented. As part of this work, Lin is leading on creating a unified civil service, and this message will begin to set out what this means to us.

The first thing to say, is that a unified civil service isn’t just about sharing services – although we can and will share where we have the potential to make enormous efficiencies and savings, such as with payroll and HR. What we want to achieve is more fundamental.

The Civil Service has gradually evolved into a system where departments and agencies have a good deal of independence to deliver their priorities, rather than being firmly controlled by the centre. This has advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, departments are free to decide which areas they focus on and can act accordingly, quickly and efficiently.

On the other, it’s becoming increasingly clear that there are many challenges, and policy changes, that don’t fit neatly into departmental portfolios – that depend on interdependency to be successful. This is why we need to be better at working across our boundaries, to tackle issues such as youth unemployment and encouraging economic growth collectively. There are already some great examples of what we can achieve together – such as the recently launched GOV.UK website, which makes it quicker and easier for members of the public to access government services and information. We’ve also had great success with the Red Tape Challenge, where departments have collaborated closely to remove unnecessary regulations.

What we want to do, and what we want to encourage you all to do, is search for the best examples of working practises across Whitehall and make them standard – covering everything from policy to IT, from legal services to HR. It’s not about shifting back towards a structure where everything is controlled by the centre – it’s about using our many successes and positive examples to help each other. We want you to be proud, not just of working for your department, but also the Civil Service as a whole, and know that it excels at dealing with some of the most challenging issues this country has ever faced. This can be achieved, but only if we’re unified – if we all work together."
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  1. This is a foul combination of codswallop, horsew@nk and the ravings of a 6 Smegma pracitioner on LSD.

    The 5th para. spills the beans, if "...a good deal of independance..." is exemplified by the Muppet Shows lack of adherence to the Law let alone in-house or Civil Service "standards" then we can be sure that there is a nother "promotion" in the offing, perhaps to the post that the late Dame Leslie was due to have occupied?

    Can't wait for the release of the survey results, I bet HMRC is last but 1 this year and this will be heralded as a massive improvement and on the right track to grow the business and keep the customer satisfied (apologies to Marsha Hunt).

    1. Muppet show.............loony.............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. Shhiiilll.......!!!!!!

  2. Me thinks more job cuts in the future

  3. I get the impression that most people posting on this site view HMRC as being managed by a bunch of unethical, lawbreaking incompetant half-wits that are incapable of progressing any project through to a reasonable ending.
    The fact that the government takes little interest in the activities of HMRC management speaks volumes and should give cause for concern among all fair minded citizens who know when they are being hoodwinked. The farce that is the UK tax system seems to get worse with each scene as it unfolds being worse than its predecessor. One would have thought that their 2 discs fiasco had forced them

    The fact that it is taxpayers money that is so easily thrown around and wasted by the cast is a National disgrace.
    Other than that, it must be a lovely place to work?

  4. At least PCS got everyone to unite and protest outside the buildings today

  5. Clearly Homer must be playing some mysterious role in fulfilling the Mayan prophecies for 2012. Having done her best to bankrupt Birmingham City Council, presided over the UKBA losing track of hundred of thousands of illegal immigrants and rammed HMRC onto the RTI iceberg she is now planning to spread her personal version of armageddon to the whole of the UK government and then presumably to the entire planet.