HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 11 April 2016

Troup's Offshore Dalliance

As the political and media hoo-hah continues over offshoring, and the related tax implications, it appears that neither HMRC nor the Guardian have a sense of irony over the facts that HMRC's property management company is Mapeley (which has an offshore presence) and that the Guardian has itself used (maybe still uses) an offshore vehicle.

Anyhoo, that aside the media (eg the Guardian) reports today that:
"The boss of Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the government department overseeing a £10m inquiry into the Panama Papers, was a partner at a top City law firm that acted for Blairmore Holdings and other offshore companies named in the leak.

Edward Troup, executive chair of HMRC since April, is a former partner at Simmons & Simmons, whose clients have included the Panama-registered fund created by David Cameron’s father, Ian."
Whoever said that HMRC doesn't do irony?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Again, you could not make this stuff up!
    It illustrates clearly and without equivocation the sheer contempt with which TPTB view us "lesser" mortals.
    Troup may well be an honourable man, I don't know, but he should excuse himself as the head of HMRC especially given the current prevailing circustances and temporaily step aside.
    This inquiry should be led by an independant financial legal expert (is there such a thing?) and not HMRC due to the risk of contamination.
    Needs someone to raise an e.petition who knows how to put a concise hard hitting case to petitions. ;)

  2. According to HMRC "Edward Troups role in HMRC has never involved responsibility for operational activities or direct dealings with companies on their tax affairs " -so what has he been doing as he was trumpeted by somone else who knows sweet fa about tax George Osborne as a tax expert ie an expert in avoidance rather than collection ? nothing will come out of the Panama enquiry , expect to see him in front of the PAC in a few years denying responsibility for anything and claiming tax payer confidentiality as a smoke screen for doing bugger all

  3. And today we get told there's £10 million magically appearing to fund Cameron's new Offshore Tax Force bullshit.

    Holy fuck, this is beyond a joke. A classic case of "don't look over here at me, look over there at the new shiny thing" - and we're expected to keep sucking the balls and working the shaft.

    And after that, I get an email from PCS asking me to strike - jesus, the time for that is long gone. Ball-less union it is now, putting up with members saying out loud "I'm not striking" every. single. fucking. time there was a strike.

    The real PCS members - who DID strike - got nothing more than a few quid less in our pay packet that month and looks of distain from the members who turned up for work that day.

    Zero fucking solidarity = the fucking utter shambles we're all stuck in now.

    PCS should've thrown out all those who pay their dues but don't strike.

    So, no. Fuck it and them. give me my pittance and let me fuck the fuck off out of it.