HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

HMRC Spurious Tax Demands

A loyal reader has written to me concerning HMRC debt recovery.
"Some of our clients are receiving threatening letters from HMRC claiming substantial amounts of PAYE underpaid for the year ended 5 April 2016. 

In every case the end of year return has been submitted within the time limit and our records show that no tax is due. 

When we phone HMRC they agree that nothing is due, and they are unable to explain why the letter was sent or where the "debt" figure comes from. 

In every case it is a large round sum for tax and a similar amount for National Insurance, plus interest.

If the taxpayer is gullible enough to pay up the sum demanded by this letter, will this be shown as another great success story for HMRC?"
Have other readers been receiving these spurious demands, and does anyone know why HMRC have been sending them out?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. What a fucking disgrace, demanding monies with menaces without proving liability.
    there's fucking laws against that!!

  2. Dear Ken and followers,

    The Guido Fawkes blog today carries a report that HMRC Internet page carries a banner headline with lionk to the governments Remain campaign.
    A quick look on HMRC and other Govt. sites supports this contention.
    Seems to be a Prime Face case of blowing apart the Civil Service Code let alone breaking it.
    Is this a criminal waste of taxpayers dosh to support a one-sided statement?
    Examination of what is shown through the links compared to the ethos of the code makes for interesting reading - get Boris on to it!

    See Campaign Report:Day 28 comment 25

    In addition, YOUTUBE reported to have removed Brexit The Movie ?!!!

    1. There's no such thing as the HMRC Internet site, there is HMRC content on

    2. Pedant!
      HMRC = SNAFU.

  3. where is proof of liability ?

    1. There is no proof of liability as these sound like a automated estimate resulting from an HMRC IT failure. If a client knows they have nothing to pay at the year then do not pay it. Contact HMRC and make a formal complaint.

  4. Just ask HMRC to show you how they have calculated your bill.
    If you were in a shop and disagreed with the total you'd do it. OR are HMRC above explaining how they came to the figure.
    That's if you can contact them!!!!

    funny isn't it: comms are could coming OUR way, but piss poor going TOWARDS them !!
    I wonder why that is??

  5. Are the letters actually from HMRC?

    1. Sadly it sounds like they are from HMRC. If clients have submitted the end of year return and there is no tax due then it sounds like a classic HMRC IT problem. If causing concern and/or wasting too much valuable time sorting out with them, I would suggest formal complaints are made to ensure they give the problem proper attention.

  6. "large round sum". Are these letters possibly part of a scam?