Wednesday 15 March 2017

Hammond U Turns On NI Increase

As I predicted last week, Hammond has nixed the NI increase.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. The NI increase for the self-employed was a fair and sensible measure. The U-turn is silly and indicates the Conservative right-wing are in power over the Government now.

    As a self-employed person, who has voted Labour and Conservative in the past, the increase seemed fair enough if we want decent funding for public services. Most self-employed people I talked to couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, we're talking peanuts individually. Absolute chaos. Silly man.

  2. HMRC are today back at their old favourite, Arsenal FC Emirates Stadium. How much is that costing the public? Where is the justification for using an iconic and expensive venue once again?

    At the end of the day while many of us can make a case for fair taxation and funding of public services, its the perception of those aren't so convinced that the public sector are on the gravy train at their expense, and the never ending extravagance of HMRC really does not help the cause.

  3. Arsenal - Great club, great manager, great stadium.

    However no sensible person can think its right that HMRC high ups should be enjoying lovely little junkets on us, and at a time when essential public services like the NHS urgently need more funding.

  4. What were they there for-and just WHO were there? Probably another self congratulatory, backslapping word cloud nonsensee.

    1. According to Twitter statements, looks like the junket was for the HMRC senior managers with motivational speakers et al. The purpose, allegedly, was to build a 'high performing organisation' (no laughing).

      As a tax payer I have no doubt that this event will have no benefit to the appalling & amateur performance from that failing tax authority.

      IF the event was deemed necessary, then I am certain there were much cheaper venues or even space within civil service buildings to host it (there's multiple half empty offices so we are told).

      While the country is, allegedly, in austerity, its amazing how HMRC keep finding our tax money to treat themselves to luxury days out!!!

    2. If true, the bigger question must be why are they allowed to treat the taxpayer (customer just does not make the grade any longer) with such utter contempt.
      Its one thing to pretend not to notice or hear the clamour surrounding HMRC, its like a constant and repetitive dirge, its another to openly ignore it.
      Yet again, its not their generated income being wasted, its taxpayers hard earned taxes FFS!

    3. They treat the taxpayer with utter contempt because they can! They do themselves no favours as their wasteful spending does nothing to encourage the spirit of everyone paying their fair share.
      Still, as the above alludes to, none of it is their money and so long as they're collecting their HUGE salaries, bonuses and lovely little taxpayer funded treats then they could not care less about any the pesky taxpayers struggling to put food on the table!

  5. U-turn if you want to. Probably the right decision. It wasn't going to bring in much extra revenue. The govt aren't hard up, when hmrc have so much spare money to waste on hosting events at the Emirates Stadium (for select members of their staff), why did Hammond bother upsetting the aspirational self-employed in the first place when he knew it would break a manifesto pledge and risk the Tories being labelled anti-enterprise?Just makes no sense.