Monday 13 March 2017

HMRC's Fitness Test

Amid concerns of dirty money and economic crime, the Cabinet Office is conducting an audit (fitness test) of government agencies including HMRC.

The FT reports that the SFO is one of several agencies under the spotlight, along with the National Crime Agency, HM Revenue & Customs, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Competition and Markets Authority. Also being scrutinised are several police forces that specialise in economic crime such as City of London.

The agencies and forces concerned have been asked to complete substantial questionnaires dealing with everything from success rates to comparisons with overseas agencies.

All very well and dandy. However, the review does not ask for input from "customers" of these agencies. Thus the "fitness test" is inward looking and will not give rise to meaningful/honest result.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Wake up!
    Did someone recently allude to skeletons in cupboards, organised crime and also the NCA with regard to HMRC?

    Oh its all gone quiet over there!

    1. Bumped into 2 ex.colleagues yesterday and as usual the subject of HMRC cropped up, in particular bullying, as practiced by management in various forms. One of them had been in a team that ostracised the individual by not speaking or involving them for 6 months with management awareness and participation.
      Suffice to say both would not return at any price.
      When it came to skletons in cupboards and cover-ups they were adamant that bullying and its aftermath was and still is rife throughout and is particularly obscene in the way they treat long term sick employees. Also much laughter at the thought of HMRC "success" rates and being compared to overseas agencies.
      Collect and protect, what and who I wonder?

    2. It says something about hmrc that 3 former staff meet up, at a time when there's so much change going on with tax law & administration, and the hot topic is bullying!