HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 19 August 2019

HMRC Looking For Fraud Digital Platform

HMRC has issued an early engagement notice to inform potential suppliers that it is “considering procurement options” regarding its need for a “digital notebook application”. Such an application is needed to allow the department’s field officers to record evidence and other information during investigations into civil or criminal fraud cases.

HMRC is seeking to deploy off-the-shelf commercial software that can be installed on the smartphones and Microsoft Surface Pro hybrid devices used by its Fraud Investigation Services (FIS) division. The software must also integrate with the department’s wider technology estate and infrastructure.
The application will have the capability to: record notes, take photographs, record video [and] audio, receive witness signatures and perform speech-to-text in multiple languages.

All case-related notebook entries will adhere to evidential standards, to ensure that contents are admissible as evidence in court. The application will have GPS and date/time-stamp functionality, which will be recorded against the file note when uploaded and saved. Once saved, the file will 'lock' editing functionality.”

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Maybe they should call the new digital note taking system 'WREXHAM'

    1. I was just being sarcastic. They lost important information from there. As much as HMRC like the acronyms. WREXHAM would be a good name. If they lose paper files, not much hope of retaining digital documents without being accidentally deleted or lost.


    I've no idea if this is another hack piece by the Poli Shite-Lies PR brigade. The quote by Clive Gawthorpe sums it up "..its purley hyperthetical and could be a figure plucked out of thin air".

    It's all just window dressing when they are trying to prove their worth to the MPs. No mention of the real cost to human lives. Loan charge disgrace, suicide attempts. Just another made up figure to quote.

  4. It is another way of justifying the numerous layers of management.

    These managers, whilst safely back at base (or working from home) can micro manage every aspect of a "knock" from arrest, search of premises through to interviews under caution.

    It is yet to be seen if the technology will be up to it or just the cheapest - but the objective will be to micro manage and pursue " my way or the highway" types of investigations.

    So glad I'm out of it!