HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 5 August 2019

HMRC's Head In The Cloud

A year ago HMRC was reconsidering its cloud migration project.

One year on and HMRC is now pressing ahead with a major move towards the use of cloud services and has agreed a deal to work with a migration expert. HMRC has tasked Belfast-based digital transformation firm Kainos with providing “specialist migration services”. The two parties have signed a year-long contract that took effect this week.

The deal relates to the department’s Securing Our Technical Future project, which is a “three-year programme to migrate HMRC services from Fujitsu datacentres to the public cloud and private crown environments”.

Kainos has been asked to help “define HMRC’s approach and strategy… for [the] move to cloud [and] to build and seed a testing plan strategy”.

Services provided by the firm will include “specialist migration testing of the application estate” of the department to ensure it is ready to move from HMRC’s premises to a cloud environment of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

The initial stages of work are due to be conducted across seven sprints, beginning with an exercise to “agree backlog and plan” and concluding the development of a “test execution service and governance model”.

The Kainos contract runs until 31 July 2020, with an option to extend the deal by a further 12 months. If more support is required beyond summer 2021, “the parties will work together to facilitate this”.

HMRC plans to complete cloud migration by June 2022.

All this and Brexit too!

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  1. What could go wrong?

  2. Plenty in my experience.

  3. Interesting how this individual used to be employed by Microsoft. Plenty of buzzwords in the article to enjoy.

    Then, as if by magic, HMRC manages to get hold of 25,000 Microsoft Surface Pros.

    I don't know anybody who has one of these products in their home. So, wild speculation only, i'm guessing they got a job lot of these things from a car boot or a tech billionnaires garden shed. Few phone calls to the right people, bit of a discount. Get PR Poli and Corporate Comms to do a hack job for the sheep.

    The cloud system they have gone with, is Amazon AWS. Microsoft Cloud is Azure. Google has GCP. If the HMRC has gone for Azure, perhaps it would have resulted in a trip to the PAC to explain any conflicts of interest. Or the department could have changed it's name to Her Microsoft Revenue and Customs. Whichever is easier.

    I still have serious issues with oursourcing. Regardless of the hollow promises, outsourcing results in loss of control. If its on the internet it isn't secure, they only need to get it wrong once. The Daily Mail would have an absolute street party.

    HMRC Digital has jsut run a hackaton day to allay such fears..

    It looks like they used a couple of inept soap dodgers. The people who REALLY know what they are doing would get in using coffee shop Wifi and a supermarket laptop.

    Or maybe it's just me and there is shit all to worry about.