HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

HMRC People Survey 2019 - 49% Engagement Index Score

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. It is very pertinent that only 60% bothered to complete the Survey.

    In my time at HMRC the unending "gentle reminders" from all layers of management to complete it became a big issue.

    I had always previously filled it in and it had become obvious that nothing changed based on very clear staff concerns.

    However, it did bother management if their particular division or office didn't have a good completion rate.

    Hence, the calls to fill it in which became more frantic year after year.

    I believe that those long serving staff who have seen no beneficial change comprise the bulk of the 40% who couldn't be bothered to complete it.

    1. Absolutely spot on!

    2. Interesting that the bullying rate is still so high. When I worked at HMRC, the type of bullying I was subjected to was very similar to that in the recent television drama on ITV: 'Sticks & Stones'.

      HMRC had nothing to worry about reputationally, as they had people without personal integrity working at HR CS Casework, Manchester, who went all out to cover it all up. HMRC left me completely suicidal and broken, but the HR people were 'just doing their jobs'...

      The Staff Survey is utterly pointless in an organisation which is rife with casual misconduct.

  2. I was told, as a manager, that I had to get my staff to fill it in. My message to them was "Yes, fill it in if you want, but your concerns will not be addressed, but a spin will be put on it". I was never wrong.

  3. total the intranet comments sections has been done away with.....too many negative they only allow comment on the internal "Yammer" forum.....very few people see this......hmrc comms section spew out all their fawning words.....fab,brilliant,'s a pathetic organisation.....a long long way from the Inland Revenue I joined many years ago and was proud to work for.

  4. And so it comes to pass....the lowest grade AA are already on national minimum wage and by 2021 the grade above will also have many of the next grade up on national minimum wage too....we will be on the ludicrous situation that 2 grades will be paid the same and both will be receiving a wage rise simply because it will be illegal not to.....what a caring employer we have.... despicable bastards.

  5. So that means 23% of those that responded are being bullied. Almost a quarter of the workforce. Are the other 40% too scared to report it? Shocking management behaviours.

    1. It's not the case that the majority of staff are too scared to report bullying, it's more 50% think it will achieve nothing and 50% think it will make things worse.

      Most bullying is done by management.

      Complaining about your direct manager means when their manager does nothing your manager is left in place with a renewed feeling of invulnerabilty AND the knowledge you've complained about them.

      There were be far more complaints if staff felt action would be taken.

    2. I agree that most Hmrc bullying is meted out from management, and concur that more victims of the Hmrc workplace violence would make formal complaints if they felt action would be taken.

      Where I possibly disagree is around why they don't make complaints. Yes, lack of action is a big part, but people are scared of the thugs operating in senior management and the so-called Human Resources/People function - it may not be well know to the majority, but those cowards will target individuals with brutal psychological violence with the intent of destroying careers and lives. How many victims will want to risk that level of threat? Until the thugs, hiding in plain sight, are sacked and/or prosecuted, more current and future Hmrc employees will go through painful suffering at their hands. Shame on Hmrc, and shame on the Senior Management who fail in their duty to protect staff! Utter scum!!!

    3. So HR target individuals violently with the intention of destroying their lives. Do you type this absolute tosh for a bet.