HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

HMRC Admits To Lousy Communications and Service Levels


HMRC's poor communication and service level was acknowledged by Melanie Hume, MTD external customer readiness lead at HMRC, who spoke during the roundtable discussion at Accountex in May.

“I think one of the biggest issues was the copying of the client list, which we acknowledged for VAT was our error.

It [agent services account] is a bit of a mystery to those who are perhaps new to being an agent or an accountant, so it’s really important that we get the communications right to help you through the process of registering.”

We do appreciate that there’s still lots of information that you need to know, and this will give you that granular level of detail, and that confidence that it [the ITSA rollout] is going ahead as planned.”

Hume went on to outline a series of other HMRC initiatives due to take place in the build-up to the new regime’s rollout, including a structured communication plan. She noted HMRC was ““trying really hard to listen to the feedback” and act on it.

“One of the things we’re working on is a time-bound communication plan, which is something we’re always asked for."
Well then, by their actions so shall they be judged!

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  1. Ah, the usual weasel words from this bunch of incompetents!

  2. Here is a recent review from a current HMRC employee - published on Indeed. The review explains a lot about the ongoing issues:

    "Very pressurised call based environment. HMRC likes to say the right things, but in reality they listen very little to their staff, put them under constant pressure to perform & usually offer a stick, rather than a carrot incentive. They lack any understanding of how to retain skilled workers & prefer a continuous stream of new recruits to fill vacated roles. The environment itself could be fantastic place to work, were it not for the management infrastructure currently in control of HMRC. The calibre & empathy of the top management there is of such a low standard it is no surprise to me HMRC delivers such a poor standard of quality. In the six years I've worked for them the decline I have seen is clear. I, along with many of my colleagues are actively looking to leave. I would not recommend working for this company with its current hierarchy. They are abysmal."

    1. Such reviews are indicative of the HMRC workplace being a filthy cesspit.

      Therefore, should taxpayers really be surprised that HMRC's service standards are soooo crap ?

      Mr Harra et al preside over an incompetent and out of control organisation that is a drain on the productive economy!

  3. The HMRC organisation chart for May 2022 has just been published online.

    There's a Chief for this and a Director for that. I haven't a clue what these roles involve. Forwarding emails with lots of buzzwords, going to meetings, with a generous helping of talking shite to justify a six figure salary. Any real work will be done by staff five grades below them. I use the term loosely..

    The positions within the Communications managerial fiefdom are the worst. Pointless . What do these people do for five days a week?

    If I was to take a guess, these individuals do something close to piss all.. A role they can stay in for twelve months before they move somewhere else through the revolving door SCS Gravy Train.

    1. These six-figure salaries handed out to huge numbers of HMRC employees in non-jobs is tantamount to fraud.

      Meanwhile, yes, all the real work is done by grades AA - O, all earning low five-figure salaries and mostly inexperienced and poorly trained - hence the 'service' that fed-up taxpayers receive.

      At the same time, HMRC's toxic bullying culture remains unchanged. HMRC staff reviews posted on several online platforms would be an embarrassment for most employers, but not for HMRC.

      Surely it's now time for Jim Harra and the rest of the SLT to do taxpayers a favour and resign?

    2. Thank God I took early retirement from this hell a few months back....over the last 10 years they turned a once half decent place into a poisonous dog eat dog became a nasty bullying sewer.