Thursday 19 October 2023

HMRC At Risk From Massive Hack


The UK is at risk of a massive security breach that could see bank account details and national insurance numbers leaked because of the government’s failure to upgrade Whitehall’s ageing computer system, The Independent can reveal.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has sounded the alarm over its “old and ageing IT systems”, sparking warnings from experts that hackers could steal taxpayers’ sensitive data or leave the UK open to the threat of Russian and Chinese hackers.

The risk to the UK’s entire taxation system came as parliament’s Treasury committee prepares to grill HMRC chiefs and board members over the issue, as well as other topics, today.

This risk is red due to continued reliance on old and ageing IT systems with an increased risk of inability to meet operational needs,” the accounts, signed off by HMRC boss Jim Harra state.

The chair of parliament’s Treasury committee, Conservative MP Harriett Baldwin, said the warning was “concerning” and that she would be demanding answers from HMRC officials.

She told The Independent

“It is concerning that our taxation systems, which support our key public services, could potentially be harmed permanently because of out-of-date IT equipment.

I am sure the committee will seek answers on this issue during our regular scrutiny sessions with HMRC.”

By the time HMRC even begins to try to sort this out, the hack will have already occurred!

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  1. It just gets worse and worse from HMRC. Taxpayers now can't trust them with their data - well, who knew. Alongside that, it looks like they're arrogantly pressing ahead with plans for a 3-day week (!!!) and once more closing the self assessment helpline. On top of the that, absolute silence from the monsters regarding the 10 suicides linked to the loan charge scandal.

  2. Bedbugs in a HMRC building?
    What a load of BS. Take it this is the latest excuse from the scroungers so they can 'work' from home on there three day weeks reported in the daily mail last weekend.
    I am self employed. Its my choice whether to pay these fu*kers any of my hard earned - next January they are getting nothing

  3. What difference does it make where they work. A computer works the same regardless of location. As long as the work is done, which it presumably is if youve a bill to pay whats it to do with you. You choose where you work. Clown

    1. Errrr I generate my own bill thanks. HMRC retards don't do anything for me...ever. I will celebrate when they are all SACKED!!! Scum bags

    2. @1 November 21:37
      What's it to do with me? I pay those malingering, scrounging layabouts wages from my tax money .
      Basically I am their boss and so is everyone in the country except the illegals and the forever unemployed who contribute zero to the pot