Monday 30 October 2023

HMRC's Bed Bug Problem


Last summer, in the HMRC office in Ipswich staff started noticing bites on their legs and arms. At first, they thought it was just mosquitoes. But then they started seeing the bed bugs themselves.

HMRC tried to get rid of the bed bugs with chemical treatments and steam cleans. But nothing worked. The bed bugs kept coming back.

Soon, the bed bug problem started to spread to other HMRC offices. Now, there are bed bugs in HMRC offices all over the country.

HMRC has tried everything to get rid of the bed bugs. They've even brought in sniffer dogs. But nothing has worked.

The bed bug problem is causing a lot of problems for HMRC employees. They're getting bitten all the time. They're having to take time off work to go to the doctor. And they're worried about bringing the bed bugs home to their families.

The bed bug problem is also causing problems for HMRC taxpayers. HMRC employees are so worried about the bed bugs that they're not able to focus on their work. This means that HMRC is taking longer to process tax returns and answer taxpayer questions.

Is it possible that the bed bugs have been caused by staff bringing in mattresses and duvets into offices?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. When I worked for HMRC in multiple offices, we would often discover that colleagues had had a dirty protest in the toilets - smearing excrement on walls and doors. Dirty bar stewards.

    As perverse as it sounds, some weirdo probably did bring a stinking mattress in to sleep in the Ipswich tax office. We all know they have serious governance issues. Would never rule anything out - some of these HMRC folks are totally nuts!! They need to sectioned for public safety.

  2. I wonder if any HMRC Staff are facing Conduct and Discipline for Sick Absence's because of this infestation?

    Why are they keeping the building open? Others have been closed and staff told to work from home when their health is at risk?

    The thought of the place makes me puke.

  3. They shouldn't have to strike, why should they lose Pay?. PCS should issue a Union Inspection Notice, contact Environmental Health at their local council and they would take the action needed. If it gets shut down, all the better. Staff can work from Home.