Wednesday 20 March 2024

HMRC's Helpline Debacle U Turn - Useless Wankers!


HMRC has recently been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In a move that can only be described as a spectacular display of poor judgement, HMRC announced plans to make permanent cuts to its helplines, only to retract the proposal less than 24 hours later. This incident not only exposes a worrying lack of foresight within the organization but also raises serious concerns about its commitment to serving taxpayers.

A Reckless Proposal

The initial decision to cut helplines was nothing short of reckless. It demonstrated a complete disregard for the needs of taxpayers, particularly those who are less tech-savvy or grappling with complex tax issues. The backlash was immediate and intense, and rightly so. Yet, the speed at which HMRC backtracked on its decision suggests that they were woefully unprepared for the consequences of their actions.

A Damning U-Turn

The swift U-turn, while necessary, is a damning indictment of HMRC's decision-making process. It paints a picture of an organisation that is out of touch with the needs of its constituents and incapable of strategic planning. This incident has done significant damage to HMRC's credibility and has left many taxpayers questioning whether they can trust the organisation to make sound decisions in the future.

A Missed Opportunity

Instead of using this incident as an opportunity to reassess its approach and improve its services, HMRC has chosen to simply revert to the status quo. This is a missed opportunity. HMRC should be investing in its helplines, improving the quality of support provided, and ensuring that all taxpayers have access to the help they need.


HMRC's helpline cuts debacle is a stark reminder of the importance of effective decision-making within public organisations. It's clear that HMRC needs to do better. It needs to demonstrate that it understands the needs of taxpayers and is committed to providing them with the support they require. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

HMRC is being run by useless wankers!

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  1. Last year's trial was just a pretext for what they had planned, as this interview with Angela McDonald hinted at... 'results are really encouraging '. Not for the taxpayer that's for sure.

    They just didn't plan on the backlash. We had the Double Cab Pick Up U Turn within 24 Hours and now this.

    Resources have been slashed to the bone and Customer Service is low on the list of priorities. They'll never admit that so we got the double speak yesterday and pre written statement.

    Let's see how long the two at the top last..

  2. Has anyone seen Angela McDonald lately?

    There was a picture of her in the Daily Mail this morning, sitting in Costa Coffee with Kate Middleton.

    I don't believe a word of it and I think the picture was faked.

  3. I know, I wasted thirty years of my life there.

  4. PCS don't exactly paint a rosy picture of the working conditions of HMRC.

    Jim and Angela, the happy couple, seem to be quiet on the subject. CSG, which I assume is Customer Service Group is a complete shit hole, micro managed with staff leaving quicker than they can be recruited.

    Why would you put up with that shit when you can stack shelves for the same money?

  5. More Morale boosting activities in HMRC.

    Show up at your desk with 60% Attendance or you're looking at Dismissal.

    Rees Mogg and his cronies, while he moonlight on GB News spouting shit when he should be serving his constituents.

    1. Are they totally clueless
      Only 60%? Are HMRC staff lazy, who knew

  6. I completely agree that they're useless wankers.

    I would add that HMRC senior management are a bunch of incompetent, spineless scumbags who lack morals and preside over a cruel culture that harms taxpayers and even their own staff - yes to anything, so long as daddy gives them a gong.

    However, has anyone noticed how the then Prime Minister and government were blamed when the twats ar HMRC managed to lose those disks, containing 20 million people's data, back in 2007, but the current government seem to escape any criticism for HMRC's current, ongoing failings?

    Jim Harra and Rishi Sunak both need their P45s.

  7. If HMRC sacked the alleged sex fiends operating in their offices, they could focus on doing a proper job.

    1. Alleged, alleged, alleged.
      It's always alleged.

    2. 'Alleged' is a legal term.

      Always used until a person is convicted.

      That's why the cover up culture is so damaging.

      Deal with and remove the cover ups and get the conviction rate up. Fixed.

    3. I understand the point @11:14 is making about the word alleged. For all the staff victims of workplace abuse at HMRC, the bullying is not merely "alleged", it's a reality that wrecks people's lives

    4. The reason that I used the word alleged is because there have been quite a number of allegations on this site in recent days of sexual assault reaching epidemic proportions within HMRC. And yet there appears to be nothing happening anywhere. As far as we are aware there are no criminal cases pending. Employment Tribunals?. Who knows.
      Of course the usual suspects will soon be on here with their usual blah, blah, blah, of grown-up, experienced, street-wise staff being bullied and intimidated into cowered silence.
      ABSOLUTE 100% BS.
      Of course the odd individual can be pressurised into silence but large groups of people WILL NOT turn a blind eye to colleagues being sexually assaulted in their workplace.

      For those on here who continue this conspiracy theory, without ever quoting anything vaguely related to evidence, PLEASE remember the story of the boy who cried wolf. And can I also remind you that If the victims of sexual assault go to the police then HMRC management can't keep it quiet.

  8. HMRC has a serious problem with bullying. That is clear. Laura Whyte's Respect at Work Report, which HMRC commissioned in the hope that she wouldn't bite the hand that feeds her and that she would exonerate them, concluded that its culture could give rise to more extreme behaviour.

    Whyte's authoritative report laid out the extent of the problem in quite some detail. She wrote that she would return later that year to do a follow up report. However, curiously, it seems HMRC blocked a follow up report - does anyone know why?

    I have also read large numbers of allegations of bullying and harassment at HMRC - on here, on Indeed and Glassdoor etc, Facebook posts, newspaper articles incl. The Guardian and The Times, even the Civil Service blog on a .gov domain. Therefore, terribly sorry to upset the the troll, but these people aren't all making it up for shits and giggles...

    HMRC has failed to rid itself of its bullying culture. Again, Whyte's report spelt out the risks. It is possible that its horrible workplace culture is attractive to all sorts of bullies and misfits, including sex offenders.

    Definitely not ABSOLUTE 100% BS (know you're desperate to defend creeps, but you do know that capitalising your opinion doesn't make it true, right?).

    1. I am fully aware that capitalising something does not make it right. Nor do I expect people to share my opinion.
      Now, can you stop the deflection and evasion and let's get down to facts.
      Where are all these many sexual assaults taking place?
      Who is committing them?
      Why is not a single victim of these numerous, heinous crimes making a legal complaint?
      Why are none of the thousands of colleagues witnessing these criminal acts saying or doing anything? Including those no longer working for HMRC.
      Why are these events never witnessed by union reps?
      Why do family and friends of the numerous victims never contact their MPs or local or national media? Or indeed, the victims themselves.
      Why do the people complaining on here never give the location and date of these crimes? Or, let's be honest, any detail of any description whatsoever.

      I'm willing to accept that HMRC is an unpleasant place to work, with poor management and an unacceptable ambivalence towards low-level bullying.
      Nevertheless, the idea some are trying to put forward on here that criminal sexual assault is an everyday occurrence throughout the department witnessed by all and sundry, with nobody saying anything about it is ABSOLUTE 100% BS.

    2. @12:29 Nice try at deflection.
      Tell us all: why did HMRC block Laura White from doing a follow up report?
      Yes, the first report was utterly humiliating for HMRC, but by stymieing the follow up, they just prove everyone right about their shameless cover up culture.
      It really is that bullying culture that emboldens nasty, horrible, scummy people at HMRC to think they can behave as they like.
      We need to weed our publicly funded institutions of vermin.
      Shame on HMRC.
      And shame on HMRC's apologists.

    3. I think you explain why there was no follow-up to the Laura Whyte report. As I said HMRC is an unpleasant place to work with poor management.
      Now, tell us where the sexual assaults are happening. How many there are and who is committing them. And why nobody is doing anything about them. Unless of course you can't because they're not happening.

  9. I went to speak to the department manager. Before l got a word out he said l hope you are not here to complain about my staff. Now l never complained in my life about anyone so it wasn't here we go again. Its such a hard environment to explain to an outsider.The bullying comes from top downy advice is to avoid.

    1. This almost mirrors my experience with the added twist that management sent someone round to my house to intimidate me. I pointed out that it's against the law to HR but they orchestrated a cover up. The thuggish attitude to people who tell the truth is designed to hurt them

  10. I worked in customer contact for HMRC. The environment was toxic. Worst place I've ever worked. Got signed off for depression after nonstop bullying from management. It's like the wild west . The recent comments on glassdoor about assaults does sound realistic. Nothing is a surprise when it comes to being abused if you work at HMRC. If some wee chap commenting on here doesn't beleive bullying in HMRC is totoally out of control, I ask you to walk in my shoes pal and tell me being abused at work daily is normal? Why would you not want professional standards at HMRC, what is wrong with you ?

    1. This "wee chap" wasn't talking about bullying. I was talking about the 'everyday' sexual assaults which, apparently, neither the victims or witnesses can be bothered to do anything about.
      I do want professional standards at HMRC and there is nothing wrong with me. And I am not your pal.

    2. I think you are very unwell and I hope you get the help you need .

    3. The only help that I need is for you, or somebody else, to tell me where and when these criminal assaults took place and why victims and witnesses have apparently done nothing.
      Can you help?

    4. @11:29 'Everyday' ?? Are you a fantasist? The very fact there's been ANY allegations of sexual assault inside HMRC is shocking and appalling. Get a grip

    5. Well, if you read the 'Glassdoor Allegations' thread you would certainly imagine it is at the very least commonplace if not literally everyday. What with references to Sarah Everard, "many" people losing their lives due to HMRC bullying, etc, etc.
      What we do agree on is that any sexual assault is utterly unacceptable. What we will probably never agree on is that you, and other posters on here, seem to feel that it fine and dandy that they remain as allegations. I don't. If people are being sexually assaulted something needs to be done immediately. Why is nobody complaining to the union, the police, the media, their MPs?
      Until you can provide me with a credible answer I'm not really interested in your comments.
      Again, can I refer you to the tale of the boy who cried wolf.

    6. As a neutral observer to your bizarre defence of the day indefensible, I believe the comments about Sarah Everard on the other thread were trying to highlight the risks from HMRC not carrying out Enhanced DBS Checks on Field Force and other HMRC staff who have unsupervised access to extremely vulnerable people who are at risk of being abused.

      Can you, or anyone else, tell us all why HMRC don't vet staff to an "Enhanced" level? Their failure to do so means paedophiles and other abusers who have been accused but not convicted are not being picked up. Ergo, for the hard of thinking, that means dangerous folks pose a risk to the public. Vile

    7. You're not a neutral observer at all, why pretend. Your claim that HMRC staff "have unsupervised access to extremely vulnerable people who are at risk of being abused" is absurdly hysterical.
      HMRC staff only visit taxpayers either by agreement where agents can be present or when a debt is being chased. In my experience HMRC staff are more at risk than the taxpayer. And anyone can be 'visited' by their creditors.
      I assume the reason that they don't carry out enhanced DBS checks is the same reason that virtually no other organisations does - the risk is deemed minimal, although I would have no particular objection to such checks being introduced.
      Your second paragraph shows you up for the lunatic that you are, living in a fantasy world where HMRC are sender out paedophiles and other sexual abusers to attack a defenceless population. What do you get out of this bilge? Is it part of your ongoing therapy?
      Neutral observer!!!!!

    8. @16:28 You're wrong, pal. All major debt collection companies in the private sector in Scotland require an Enhanced DBS on collectors.
      That's because when they 'only visit' debtors in their homes, they have potential with people who are automatically deemed vulnerable by law - children, the elderly and long term ill.
      Nobody said HMRC are sending round abusers, they commented that they might be - because they aren't doing adequate background checks. They've gotta do them checks

    9. If I may educated the ex-HMRC worker, DBS at enhanced level doesn't just flag "sexual abusers" but also those who've physically or mentally harmed others e g. domestic abusers (physical violence, controlling and coercive behaviour etc). You're welcome 😁

    10. What sort of person thinks it's ok to allow any tom, dick or harry working for HMRC to have access to vulnerable with thorough background checks? A very sick individual who gets a warped sense of validation out of brown nosing HMRC

    11. "...the lunatic that you are..." Typical language from an indoctrinated HMRC staff lifer.

      I always cheer up immensely when the abuse comes, as it often does from the HMRC retiree troll as it means they have not one single argument left and are unable to counter the truth.

      The truth is, HMRC Field Force staff are *not* vetted to an Enhanced DBS level. That means *if* there are any suspected criminal abusers amongst their number, they will *not* be weeded out. Most normal and decent people can see the problem with that.

      Working at HMRC alone does not make anyone squeak clean, hence the checks need to be stringent for public protection purposes.

    12. It must have been a full moon last night.
      If you had bothered to actually read my post you would have noticed that I said I had no particular objection to enhanced DBS checks for HMRC staff. But I guess that doesn't fit in with your demented prejudices.
      Of course, enhanced DBS checks are intended for those dealing with either children or adults with special care needs. I'm not sure how many people in those categories are regularly visited by HMRC staff - approximately zero I would hazard a guess.
      Perhaps one of the above two posters can provide this sick, warped and vile individual with their evidence that HMRC is sending out paedophiles to attack vulnerable individuals. I won't bother holding my breath.

    13. Just to confirm to @17:18 and @17:40 that I didn't object to enhanced DBS checks.


    14. When I worked for HMRC I was a victim of assault

    15. Dreadful. Were you in a position to report it?

    16. @14:08 27 March 2024
      I was also assaulted - twice - while working at HMRC. For me it wasn't colleagues' violence but angry taxpayers. That said, the environment in the office was toxic that management and colleagues thought taxpayers' violence was funny. I left more than a decade ago and have not worked anywhere near as bad as that since - and I've had roles across the public, private and third sectors. HMRC are a disgrace to any decent person.

    17. Completely understand. They even laugh when you are sick. Still suffering trauma from working there years later.Empathy isn't in their vocabulary

    18. @15:58 28 March 2024
      I suffered similar while working for HMRC. After time off work with a nasty injury that required intensive treatment, my manager literally smirked throughout my return to work meeting. Sick, evil bitch

    19. Yes, I can confirm that there are some severely mentally disturbed people working at HMRC. I wasted 25 years of my life with the department - and have all the scars to prove it!!

    20. I wasted 21 years working for them through the bullying sexual harassment in the office by direct boss who encouraged others to join in. Sitting doing my work and people would shout abuse at you. Came from top down this behaviour. 30 years on still haunted by it ruined my life.

    21. 25 years being bullied, persecuted, harassed, humiliated, driven to the brink of suicide, and subjected to criminal conspiracies by management and HR.

      And yet it apparently never crossed your mind to resign.

      Quite extraordinary.

    22. 2 April 2024 @22:49

      Excuse me, what are you going on about? I was bullied and witnessed others being bullied frequently during the last 10 years of my service. But "persecuted...harassed...driven to the brink of suicide...subjected to criminal conspiracies by management and HR" ??? What ARE you on about?

      You keep taking those pills, strange person.

    23. 3 April @ 16:03.

      Apologies, but there are so many loonies posting on here that their paranoid lies tend to all blend into one after a while.

  11. The only thing that would surprise me about HMRC was if someone wrote a good report about working for them.