Tuesday 4 June 2024

HMRC Fucks Up 500,000 Child Benefit Payments


HMRC has fucked up yesterday's child benefit payments.


Number of people affected: Approximately 500,000 families did not receive their child benefit payments as scheduled yesterday.

Percentage of delayed payments: Around 30% of the scheduled child benefit payments were not made.

Reasons for Delays

The delay in child benefit payments was due to a batch processing problem at HMRC. This technical issue prevented around 30% of the scheduled payments from going through. HMRC has apologised for the inconvenience and has been working urgently to resolve the issue.

HMRC has assured that those affected will receive their payments and anyone who has incurred a direct financial loss can apply for redress.

The delayed payments are expected to hit people's bank accounts tomorrow (5 June). That's all well and good. However, the impact of these delays cannot be overstated. A delay in receiving child benefits can mean the difference between being able to afford groceries for the week or going hungry.

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  1. £250 million on legacy systems is clearly value for money

  2. It's the same outcome every time with HMRC incompetence: when those useless, overpaid cunts fuck up, there are far reaching consequences - hunger and death is a real risk here.

    Sack the lot of them.

    1. Undoubtedly a very serious cock-up which needs to be investigated and not repeated.
      As a matter of interest, could you let us know how many deaths you think a 48 hours delay in Child Benefit payments will cause?
      I would suspect that the answer is approximately zero.

    2. Noticed HMRC's lack of empathy for the harm this has caused .
      They are VERY sick people .

    3. So the many, many employees of HMRC who receive Child Benefit payments have no empathy with people who receive Child Benefits payments?
      And are VERY sick people?
      I don't think you've thought this one through.

  3. The punters with the real money have gotten wise to HMRC and their psychological bag of tricks.


  4. Because your average AO is in charge of the payment system.🤣🤣🤣

  5. HMRC overpaid blob brigade are arguing against anti woke policies. That's right, don't do the jobs you're f**king paid to do will you.

    If you don't like it, f**k off, go and sign on and glue yourself to the M6.


    1. The meetings in question were held during lunch breaks and attendance was optional.
      So the small amount of people who attended would have been perfectly able to do the jobs they're f**king paid to do.