Wednesday 12 June 2024

HMRC Kowtows To The Cult of George Floyd - DEI Must DIE!


On 22 May HRMC, civil servants, for reasons best known to themselves, held an hour-long discussion about the death of serial criminal George Floyd. 

When senior HMRC officials were asked if people had become scared of the term "EDI", one replied: “don't back down, definitely don't do that”.

During the discussion one senior civil servant said

"Whether people believe that we should be anti-racist, whether people believe that we should just fight to fight racism, everyone needs to be involved in the fight to eliminate all isms like that's fascism, sexism, racism, etc.

We encourage everyone, join your [diversity] networks, whether they are the race network, the LGBT network, their faith network, etc. because in this space, at this present moment in time, where EDI is not seen as a positive thing, think about the positive way people come together that we can do.”

This has nothing to do with HMRC's role in collecting taxes. There are already equality laws in place, DEI destroys organisations and negatively impacts efficiency.

DEI has no role to play in either the public or private sector and needs to be expunged.

DEI must DIE!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. If the senior management of HMRC were to come out against diversity or equity or inclusion nobody on here would have a word to say about it, would they?
    No, of course they wouldn't! 😭😭.

    And if the serial criminal had been white, he wouldn't have been murdered in public - so the equality laws already in place didn't do much good there. You could almost say that he was a victim of bullying. Not on the level of HMRC of course.....

    1. "if the serial criminal had been white"...

      An HMRC employee speaks - always quick to defend wrong 'uns

      It was nothing to do with colour or ethnicity. Believe he got himself arrested by...errrr....breaking the law

    2. I'm not an HMRC employee.
      Floyd was suspected of passing a counterfeit $20 note in a convenience store. Not a capital offence in the USA.
      The officer who killed Floyd was the subject of 18 formal complaints, largely for violence against black citizens. Two of these complaints results in formal reprimands.
      Do you seriously believe that the officers involved would have continued their assault for ten minutes while being filmed if the victim was white? No, they did it because they thought the system would let them get away with it, as it had in the past and probably would have on this occasion if Floyd had not died.

      PS just because you don't like HMRC doesn't mean that you have to support racism.

  2. Oh, the irony!!! A corrupt organisation infamous for it's internal staff bullying culture, on top of roughing up taxpayers and having no regard for their wellbeing or welfare.

    "I bet the senior civil servant who iterated this errant political diatribe is a paragon of virtue, though" (apart from breaching their duty to political impartiality), you may think.

    Never forget HMRC is ruled by narcissists: they love to appear highly moral while deriving a sense of superiority by controlling others. Look into that senior civil servant's background and you will find they are either a bully or an enabler.

  3. Can HMRC staff just pipe down and focus on delivering the service we pay them for? If not, why not?

    Complete and utter scumbags

    1. Spot on. Whenever we get letters in brown envelopes at home we all say, "another letter from the filthy lowlife"

  4. DEI has nothing to do with protecting vulnerable groups. It's about subversion.

    Control the language, control the people.

    No matter how much you pander to these groups, you just can't be woke enough. They're always professional victims, persecuted and more must be done. Say anything and you're an ISM or an IST.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. A friend who works for HMRC tells me that they now have George Floyd art adorning the walls of most of their offices as a reminder as to the importance DEI. I am disgusted but, alas, not surprised.

      FFS what has happened to our once great country?! It'll only get worse when Labour take over

    2. I'm afraid I think your friend is a liar.

    3. Contrary to what some people on here think the staff of HMRC are not "a bunch of lefties".
      They are representative of the electorate as a whole, so at least 50% are Conservative or conservative.
      If your friend was telling the truth we would have heard all about it in the media.

    4. Believe me, this WILL be in the media when they blow the whistle. Once they have a new job to go to, the truth will emerge. The way in which HMRC indoctrinate staff is a disgrace.

      It won't be long before they are forced to kneel at a portrait of the vile thug, Floyd, upon entering and exiting the office each day.

    5. "Will be...... when they".
      It's always manana, manana, manana with you guys.
      How about your friend contacts GB News with the story on condition of anonymity. There's no way HMRC would be able to trace his identity so there'd be no need for a new job to go to.
      No problem.....if he's telling the truth.

    6. Tell your friend not to hesitate in blowing the whistle. A repugnant female manager bullied me out. I took decisive action against HMRC. Instructed lawyers who launched a law suit. I won a large 5 figure pay out. Sadly they don't learn however. To those uneducated, bitter creatures it's all a game with tax payers money used to clear up their misconduct .

    7. What has non-existant artwork got to do with bullying?
      If the artwork did exist why would it represent misconduct?
      Why would displaying it indicate uneducated and bitter behaviour?
      Have you thought this through?

  5. HMRC is a shameful organisation with tactics like this.

    They'll get their Post Office moment and public disgrace. No accountability and senior leadership retired or out through the revolving door.

    1. Nothing new here.... Been govemental policy for sometime, a quick Google for behavioural insights team or nudge unit would show that... then again it only utilises techniques used by large corporations for far longer!

  6. Not HMRC but I'm sure they've had similar gong dinners. Pisses me right off none the less. A good conduct medal deserves a £20k jolly with a slap up meal and drinkies afterwards.

  7. Regardless of all their bleating, HMRC always goes for the low hanging fruit. They don't pick fights with people who can give as good as they get. It's not like they have the staff to prosecute them. Easier to go for second rate TV presenters.

  8. But the gormless Jim Harra still got his knighthood. I fear Mr Bates will hand his back for fear of guilt by association!