HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Most Inappropriate Job Title In The Civil Service

My thanks to a loyal reader who sent me a link to a debate in the Commons on the 15th October about the closure of HMRC's nurseries; wherein Michael McCann MP stated the following about a certain Mike Falvey (Chief People Officer HMRC) who ironically featured on this site also on the 15th:
"It was, therefore, with some trepidation that I wrote to HMRC to find out its reasons for the proposed closures. I received a response from Mr Mike Falvey, the chief people officer at HMRC, who—for reasons that will become obvious—probably holds the most inappropriate job title in the civil service."
It would seem that Mr McCann is none too impressed with Falvey!

The full debate can be read here.

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  1. Now, who do you believe then, the Minister and Homer or the Constituency M.P.'s?
    Methinks the latter for some reason, oh yes, I remember now, it's all a question of credibility and the Gauke/Homer pairing has about as much as Pacesetter/Lean.

  2. At least Falvey's domain is now called 'HR' again, having been called by the ridiculous name 'People Function', which sounds more than a little excrementary to my ears. Although, taken all in all, that might not have been as inappropriate as all that.

    But 'Chief People Officer' always reminds me of those managers - of whom I have had lengthy and arduous experience - who call themselves 'people persons'. People who are 'people persons' don't need to go around telling people that they are 'people persons' - it is obvious without it having to be spelled out. People who are not 'people persons' have to keep saying that they are 'people persons' otherwise - as with 'Democratic Socialist Republic' or 'Liberal Democrat' - you could never infer from their conduct that they were anything of the sort - especially as they invariably aren't.

  3. I see Pavitt is no longer HMRC CIO. Apparently he has been replaced by his deputy Mark Hall. Pavitt's new title is something like Director General of Security and Information etc. Anyone know if this is promotion, demotion or a move sideways. Maybe he is just getting off the track before the RTI and Universal Credit express smashes into the buffers killing all on board and letting his underling take all the blame for any train wreck

  4. How many directorships has this behemoth got now FFS?!

    Might be interesting to see if the total has remained steady or even grown whilst the headcount plummets.

    BTW what is the difference between replacing 1000 call centre posts and recruiting an additional 1000 call centre posts?
    Fark all thats what.