HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

UKBA Abolished

I am gemused to read that the government has just abolished the UKBA.

This is the same UKBA that Lin Homer set up and ran (sorry, I mean grossly mismanged).

On this basis may we assume that the government will also abolish HMRC?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. ROFL!!!

    WTF is going on?

    More new uniforms and grades and stripes and badges to argue over.
    Someone somewhere will make a fortune designing new corporate logoes and mission statements.

    All the vehicle and vessel fleet will yet again require rebranding.

    Who will benefit? Organised crime thats who.

    Wonder who they will have to head the new organisation, no, they woudn't, surely not?!

    What is absolutely ludicrous is that years ago, when we had real Customs Officers operating at small ports and airports they used to undertake immigration duties in the absence of any HMI staff, and that was using entry and exit cards.

    UKBA was doomed to failure from the start with or without Homer at the helm. She just made a bad situation worse.

    Immigration should do immigration and Customs should do smugglers, pretty simple.

    Lin Homer should resign to enable the decks to be cleared for HMRC to be split up.

  2. Can someone remind me who was the twi(a)t responsible for imposing UKBA on us?

    It's only HMRC "customers" money after all, so why should TPTB worry MSM never raises a wimper.

    Hey, I've got an idea, why not privatise Immigration searches at the frontier and put G4S in there, oh, they already are!

    Why not employ troop made redundant on short term contracts to do the job that UKBA have not been doing.

    UKBA management has been as bad as HMRC management you would almost believe there was a connection, oh!

    I know, lets do immigration on a compliance basis, we don't let ou in unless you agree to abide by the law, oh! OK, please report to a detention centre of your choice within the next 28 days, oh!

    Oh feck it just open the doors and be done with it. Last one out of the office please turn off the lights.

    1. You appear to have behavioural issues... less effective for you (there, that's one of the quota sorted)

    2. Ah, not toeing the party line therefore a behavioural issue.
      I would prefer to not bother with the PA system whatsoever and therefore claim satisfactory by default as I have not signed the last 3 years PA forms.
      You therefore get marked top performer for not having a clue as to what is going on around you.
      Congrats, join Excom.

  3. For once Government appears to have been motivated to act and this is coinciding with a number of Departments finally being brought to task.
    The NHS whistleblowing gags, totally illegal as was thought by many, will hopefully cause the spotlight to fall on gagging and compromise agreements elesewhere in the public sector especially in HMRC.
    Time for PCS to stand up and be counted and blow the lid on this, they know of the extent of this abuse and law breaking. Although the silence from PCS HQ is deafening.

  4. Lin Homer is safe she will point to lowest amount of post on hand ever (ahem!) Open Cases cleared, Work Management Items successfully leading to less PAYE issues, 90% telephones been answered, highest rate of submission of SA returns online, the implementation of Pacesetter.

    Sorry but she is safe even if these things would have probably happened with or without her.

  5. HMRC next .... ?

  6. I truly hope HMRC is disbanded and we go back to the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise. In the last 18 months we have seen a raft of promotional exercises which has seen Revenue jobs go to Revenue staff and C&E jobs go to Revenue staff. A total farce.

  7. I know some C&E managers were next to useless but the IR lot, they are either power mad or so scared of their own shadow they are comical.
    Then there is the mentality of the staff, in my building one woman used to monitor the car park for any infringements such as "speeding", driving against the arrows etc. and report these to the building manager, a right tw@t with a superiority complex who would issue warning letters or take arbitrary decisions to suspend parking rights FFS! Then there were the kitchen cleaning rosters - I kid you not, WTF do HMRC pay Mapeley to do!!!
    This is the building where during an evacuation they sent people right past a potentially dangerous post room instead of via the nearest fire exits! Also the same tw@t in charge where the fire doors wouldn't stop a pig in a poke! Oh yes, don't mention threatening disciplinary action for writing on a whiteboard that only management must use.
    You could not dream up the idiotic things these t@%%er% get up to.
    Watching most of the former IR staff is like watching rabbits caught in headlights, there are some exceptions, but not enough.
    Former C&E have just about given up now as Lean/Pacesetter, Dungeons & Dragons or is it Angels & Demons, Common Purpose and the HMRC "Vision"/Mission statement have drained every last vestige of innovation from them.

  8. Yeah, ex C&E staff were brilliant. Particularly the elite, creme de la creme investigators, the absolute top of the C&E tree.

    Not that they were acting like a dodgier version of 1970's Regional Crime Squads. Oh no.
    OR Lying to judges appointed to investigate their shenanigans. Oh no.
    OR Concealing informants from parliamentary oversight, costing BILLIONS IN LOST REVENUE AND FAILED PROSECUTIONS. Oh no.

    A bit less of the whole old C&E as a cross between the SAS and the Sweeney would be nice.

  9. Fortunately most of C&E were nothing like the good ol' boys of the I.D. who become the N.I.S.

    Unfortunately the "undue influence" that was rife within took over the top of the "pyramid" and the rest is history as described!

    I am surprised that not more cases of perjury were put before the courts, but then maybe not.