HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

RTI Trouble Ahead?

As the RTI behemoth lumbers on there is a warning about how it will cope in the autumn when 16,000 of the UK's largest private companies switch over to it.

Kate Upcraft of ISIS Support Services says she is staggered that the Treasury has allowed HMRC to push ahead with plans to bring the biggest employers into the RTI set-up in the autumn, while problems within RTI remain to be fixed.

The Telegraph quotes her as claiming that HMRC are overstating tax receipts on a “massive scale as they are corrupting employer data....Two of my clients have been asked for sums around £1m for one tax month that is not due.”
Another of her clients has been forced to give one employee the task of monitoring RTI each week “as so much of RTI isn’t working”. Last week the firm received 99 tax codes from HMRC that “were all incorrect”.

Ms Upcraft said the user group had raised concerns about a wide range of issues over an 18-month period in meetings with HMRC, but many of these had been ignored.

HMRC have blamed duplication of records problems on payroll software “glitches”. However, as one software expert involved in discussions with HMRC said:
In order to get the information they wanted they refashioned the whole of the payroll industry. It cost us a fortune. They defined what they were going to do before they talked to us."
What's the view from the front end (ie both from staff and taxpayers) as to how RTI is really working?

Will it be able to cope in the autumn?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Grease the bearings on that revolving door folks, batten down the hatches for a rough ride.
    Seems like the Shills got it wrong all along and now the roosting turkeys are heading home!
    Where is Lean & Pacesetter when you need it most?
    It don't and won't work and is a clusterfeck of the highest order. It will be an International disgrace and leave HMG looking sick in the process.
    Perhaps now some of the other issues reported upon in HMRC will be brought to light of day at long last?
    Arise Sheeple, cease your bleating and act now, your time is near!LOL!!

  2. Its not as if this situation was not predicted. Suggestions have been made that there may be a reason that HMRC will be allowed to fail and the cynics as well as the knowledgeable or are they the same?, are saying this could be a split back to 2 organisations as a prelude to privatisation of the more lucrative parts of a tougher more resilient tax system.
    Nowt wrong with that, if it works!
    Make it so...

  3. I thought HMRC had gone through a lengthy process of engagement with its stakeholders and customers prior to encapsulation of the process?
    It's now beginning to look as though the whole concept was designed on the back of a label from a bottle of claret.
    When it comes to IT they are at their worst and have not learnt from the errors of those that designed the camel!
    It's beginning to look as though the problem is bigger than anticipated, factoring in the cost to the customer base and stakeholders would be enlightening though?