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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Whatever Happened To Special Measures?

My thanks to a loyal reader who has raised a query about the progress, or otherwise, of the "special measures" that HMRC were meant to have been placed under a couple of years ago:
"Ken/fellow readers,

Can anyone respond with knowledge, as opposed to speculation wrt this query?

Has/is HMRC been subject to Cabinet Office/Government special measures, and if so what/when?

In April 2011 this site referred on more than 1 occasion to special measures.
A swift Google gave rise to no information, that leapt out of the screen.

Does anyone have any specific, verifiable, information regarding the "special measures" that they feel able to share on this site?

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  1. Iceberg, tip of.

    Try linking all the M.P.'s who have been receiving complaints from constituents who are ex. or serving employees of HMRC and the treatment they have received at the hands of HMRC management. Then link them to all the G.P.'s and others, CAB etc.who have been or are dealing with similar issues, its a huge and concealed picture.

    Then wonder why PCS has been keeping quiet, not just because they are "gagged" over compromise agreements, but over the scale of abuse of staff.

    Its not pleasant inside HMRC, and its public money being wasted as a consequence, lots of it.

    A conspiracy of silence?

  2. Never mind.

    Lets concentrate on the important things such as the new logo that apparently HMRC are about to roll out.

    That will fix everything