HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Taking The Piss II

Taking The Piss II
Yesterday's article about HMRC "management" issuing an edict to their hapless staff instructing them to drink less, so that they would not have to visit the toilet so often, brought forward a number of interesting comments.

One in particular sums up the "quality" of HMRC "management", and spells doom for this organ of the state.

In accordance with the edict on drinking less, and reducing toilet breaks, HMRC "management" have introduced a new quality control procedure.

Can you guess what this is?

Yes, that's right, staff have to fill in a spreadsheet whenever they go to the toilet.

It is clear that this organisation will fall apart in less than year, as no adult in their right mind could/would/should accept being treated like a four year old and bullied in this manner.

To my view the only clear course of action for the staff is to go public with every single absurd "management" instruction they receive, and name and shame all "managers" who bully/harass them.

This failed organisation needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

In its present form it remains a monument to browns' arrogance and incompetence.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Is there a column stating if no 1 or no 2?

  2. But this is exactly why they are striving to get the staff numbers down in HMRC; to make me and my colleagues so fucked off that we will just want to leave.

    HMRC is just run by a sad, pathetic bunch of wankers who don't give a fuck about customer service, don't give a fuck about quality work - they only give a fuck about saving their own skins.

  3. "To my (Ken's) view the only clear course of action for the staff is to go public with every single absurd "management" instruction they receive, and name and shame all "managers" who bully/harass them."

    I, and doubtless all my bullied colleagues, would dearly love to do some naming and shaming, the trouble is, in so doing, it would be deemed a "conduct & discipline" offence of the most serious kind... and so the price to pay would be instant dismissal and kiss goodbye to one's pension. The fact that honesty of this kind is liable to incur punishment of such severity is an absurdity in itself. Perhaps if a draft "naming and shaming" memo were to be "found" on a train or leaked to the press, that might set the ball (and a few heads) rolling?

  4. Hats off to the last comment made by a fellow HMRC worker.

    A draft 'naming shaming memo' either 'accidentally' left on a train or leaked to Joe Public is CERTAINLY a step in the right direction.

    It's about time the taxpayers (who deserve so much better) find out the real truth behind this piss-port of an excuse for a government department that is HMRC.

    As for HMRC & the Government, nothing hurts more than the truth....

    1. Calling all disgruntled HMRC staff - blow the whistle in CONFIDENCE here:

  5. Leak an anoymous hard copy to me, I will ensure it gets out.

    If you are worried about it being traced via email, then send it via post or meet in a pub and hand it over.

    Make contact and tell me how you want to do this.


  6. so ridiculous i was threatened with a written warning for going to the loo.

  7. Poor Morale & Women Managers. I am sorry to have to say this, but Ladies please read on. I love and admire the Ladies - my own ex-wife is a non revenue Executive, but in HMRC terms there are too many Women Managers, who only know how to blindly follow rules to the absolute letter. As a consequence staff of both sexes even those with 20+ yrs experience are treated like 14 year olds and are brow beaten into submission, forced to real sacrifice customer service in favour of statistics. Add to this the crap IT systems which don't talk to each other properly, not least of all the new MPPC PAYE system - I could give you some details, but you wouldn't believe me cause its so stupid.

  8. I am also fucking fuming at these bunch of fucking idiots i phoned them a few months ago to enquire about nursery fees as its costing me £600 a month if not more my son goes in nursery full time and its costing me a bomb i have about £250 left at the end of the month when all bills are paid, i let hmrc know i was starting my new job with virgin media and they said ok no problem your CTC may reduce but you will get up to 70% off nursery fee's

    so phoned them today as they only paid me £56 CTC to ask why they said oh because you earn to much even though they run a year behind and i was unemployed for the whole of that tax year. So basically we are now not entitled to anything and yet i continue to get fucked up the arse by the government and are left with nothing on a monthly basis

    Wouldnt mind but they fucking talk to you like a child on the phone bunch of dick weeds

  9. These dickheads cut off my tax credits and told me I owned them £5,000 that was paid to me. I send my only documentation I kept as records of my small jobs with names, address, phone numbers that the could check, but the said it wasnt good enough (i had no accountant). Now theyre passing it onto a debt collection agency because I cant afford to pay them back at a reasonable rate because (due to those fuckers in the first place) I had to give up my only source of income. I currently get carers allowance of £60 a week, thats it. Those self righteous bastards caused this and now theyre kicking me when THEY should be kicked in the balls for their fuck up. Im so mad at these bastards. HMRC Arseholes

  10. HMRC has a serious serious problem with bullying. Nothing changes in that place. The management who run the show are incompetent no hopers and low achievers and do not understand the real world - little wonder that the service to the public is so poor.