HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Online Filing

Online Filing

My thanks to a loyal reader who sent me a copy of a letter that he has sent to HMRC, concering probelms he has had trying to file his tax return online.

Relatively "small beer" compared with the other issues in HMRC being reported, and due to come out!

"Dear Sirs,

Following HMRC recommendations in SA150-59 (How to fill in your Tax Return) I opted to file on-line.

This document makes it clear that the on-line filing deadline is 31 January 2010.

Your reminder letter dated ** Dec 2009 (received 3 January 2010) underlines this date. At the end of the final paragraph on page 2 the letter adds that 7 days are required to receive an activation pin.

Neither HMRC TV publicity nor any of the HMRC Tax Return documentation mentions this requirement.

Not arriving until 3 January 2010 this letter still allowed 21 days for filing.

I registered on-line and waited 7 days for the activation pin without result.

On ** January I called the on-line help desk. I was advised to wait another week.

Concerned at the continued non-delivery of the activation pin, on ** January (13 days later) I called the on-line help desk. (case ref:***).

On 27 Jan I was informed to wait a further 3 days and then apply for a new activation pin which will be sent in a further 7 days, which will arrive while I am away from this address **-** Feb 2010.

I have made every effort to follow HMRC recommendations and instructions to the letter. Due to problems in HMRC this has been without result. I therefore expect that any penalty will be waived in full.

Yours faithfully...

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Ken

    If you mean what I think re this

    Relatively "small beer" compared with the other issues in HMRC being reported, and due to come out!

    where is it to 'come out' because I would hate to miss it.