HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Staff Morale - Another Survey Result Missing In Action

Staff Morale

Well folks the results of the civil service staff survey for 2010 were published last week.

Unfortunately, they have not yet been published on a department by department basis.

Could it be that some departments are trying to hide their shame, and will release the results at a time when everyone is pissed on the last working day before Christmas?

The deadline for departmental publication is not very challenging, 31 January 2011!

In the event that anyone has a copy please either leak it to me or WikiLeaks.


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  1. Nixon had his men break into the Watergate building to tamper with files.
    Strathie and Hartnett will probably try to do the same thing with the HMRC survey results they are that bad and so the delay.
    Or something or someone lost or deleted the results along with staff pension details and the child benefit discs :)
    HMRC is like the Bermuda Triangle.

  2. There has been not a word on the Newsboard about this at all!

    Keep em in the dark eh ExComm !

  3. If the figures are worse then maybe Strathie and Hartnett are getting their stories straight before publication.

  4. Results published this evening.... with a lovely message of encouragment form the Dame!!!

  5. 'everyone pissed on the last working day before Christmas'

    You don't know a great deal about working for HMRC do you?!

  6. As I said before, the HMRC engagement score is down to 34% (-3 not -2). The delay has been caused by the Grand Dame sitting on the results for over ten days nothing more, nothing less. I'm sure she would have released it sooner if she hadn't been at the palace getting her damehood as she did last week.

    Also, there isn't a league table this year as Cabinet Office didn't feel it appropriate or reflective. However DWP is about the same size as us and they scored 46% or so.

    Also look out for One HMRC One Deal over the coming months - This is HMRC's "Employee Value Proposition" (WTF???!!!???) Good too see that Excom are taking this low morale seriously and not bringing in some new fad or new layers of management bullshit.

  7. Well. Dame Leslie did say ExComm take responsibilty for the results in her newsboard. I guess they are all resigning then !

  8. It is on the HMRC public website - what a disastrous result! Down even on last year and it was bad.
    Time I think for Ms Strathie to go !!
    I would also recommend you look at the PAC submissions in particular one from a retired VAT Inspector Martin Lewis where he rightly states that those at the top just refuse to hear any bad news from the front line and just instruct the implementation of more ill informed initiatives (the new Caseflow system is a good example of how staff are going to be hampered even more at doing a good job because of a new half baked IT system).

  9. "Still no sign of last year's though."

    Is that not the one entitled "Spring 2009"?

    I do not work for HMRC but have an interest from a media point of view.

  10. No, it's the one from February 2010, which they've never made available on the website.

    Ken has it here, though, at

  11. Cheers Anon @ 19:29

  12. "an interest from a media point of view"

    So the Mail are keeping an eye on this blog then?

  13. "So the Mail are keeping an eye on this blog then?"

    I am a freelance writer with a relative working in an HMRC call centre (for now). I am working on a article about living in the shadow of HMRC and the problems associated with it.