HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Get A Receipt!

ReceiptAs the deadline for filing tax returns online approaches, those who use this method would be advised to read the following cautionary tale reported in the Observer.

"I used the HMRC online income tax return system last year, but received a £100 fine for non-submission. My return was on time and I have no intention of paying. A formal letter to HMRC has produced another snarling request for payment. ML, Rugby

When you wrote to me eight months ago I asked HMRC to sort out what should have been a straightforward issue and, in April, it confirmed it was in the process of responding to you. It insisted there were no problems with the online reporting system last year. In May someone suggested you resubmit the return through the Government Gateway, but you tried and failed twice.

In June your tax office sent you a paper version of the tax return that you sent in, but the £100 fine was still outstanding. Your appeal was upheld in November.

Another year's deadline for filing electronic tax returns is close; readers should make sure they get a safe-receipt email from HMRC

Make sure that you get a receipt!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Glad I did my return back in May, mind you I had to make an amendment after I had submitted the return and have not been able to log back in since. So I guess it will be a paper return next year.

  2. If you send in a Paper return keep your fingers crossed it is date stamped once it arrives or it could sit in a post room for days and then they will whack you for it being "late".

  3. Cheers 18:12, I will send it recorded delivery like I used to before I started using the online system.

  4. 18:12...

    More likely it will sit in a post room for months, then driven around the country in various vans before being lost forever.

  5. Looks like the Staff Survey results have been lost in the post...

  6. Had a £100 penalty for filing a return online which wasn't received which he has no intention of paying eh?

    Isn't one of the steps when you do this, that you receive a calculation of tax as part of the online assessment?

    If the tax was paid on time (or no tax was due), then there would also be no penalty due.

    So, either HMRC have not yet received the return on to their systems or the person had no intention of paying the correct tax bill when it was due and is now trying to sidestep the issue by arguing with the department over the penalty.