HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Staff Survey Results - Motivational Response

The 2010 HMRC staff survey results have now been published on the HMRC website. (For comparison purposes here is the 2009 survey - published by the government in 2010)


Here they are : Staff Survey Results 2010.

- Engagement index 3% lower than last year and 23% below civil service average.

- 12% would recommend HMRC to work in (3% down on last year), and 15% are proud to tell people they work form HMRC (3% down).

- 9% think that changes made are for the better (1% down).

- 12% think that HMRC is run well (1% down), 18% think that senior managers will take action based on the survey (3% up)...and so on.

You can read what Strathie said (in June this year) about the last survey (which was published in February 2010) here.

Here is a brief extract:

"We may not see much, if any, improvement in the next set of People Survey results. These issues are deep-seated and will take time to turn round; with your help, we can do that."

All in all things have got worse, even the response rate (69%) is not that encouraging.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. No sign of resignations they are so arrogant the lot of them if this was any other business they would be out the door.

  2. There resignations are in the post so it will be at least three months before they are processed.

  3. This is a clear “no confidence” vote in Strathie and Clasper yet still they remain in post.

    In my job, if I was given a year to improve my performance and did not, then I would (rightly) be out the door. Not only has Strathie and Clasper’s performance not good better, it’s actually got worse.

    Come on George Osborne, if they don’t resign before Christmas you must sack them…

  4. Definitely time for her to go !!
    I would also recommend you look at the Public Accounts Committee submissions on HMRC on the Parliament website - in particular one by a retired VAT Officer Martin Lewis - where he says among other things that knowledge of the way things really are does not filter up to the top as they do not want to hear bad news and instead they implement more ill informed initiatives. So hardly surpring this year's results are worse than last year

  5. This is a clear indication from the staff that they do not like/trust the managerial set up within HMRC and ex-CON are not working for them or the department as a whole.

    Get rid of them - they are a waste of money. Money that could be well spent on staff doing the proper work at the front-line with taxpayers.

  6. aClasper?? Clasper!??? When was the last time Clasper made an appearance in Revenue Towers?

  7. Anonymous 20:07-Brilliant.

    If you were given a warning by your line manager 6 months or a year ago that your yearly PDE Performance left a lot to be desired and you had to step up to the plate. If you failed to do this and your performance got worse a year later, HMRC would have you out the door.
    But these muppets think theyre above everyone else in how they pretend to manage a major government department.
    Senior Government should step in and tells these clowns to get out.

  8. Replace Clasper with Sugar and let's have some sackings at ExCom.

  9. Clasper, Strathie, Hartnett & co... you have failed the government, you have failed the public and you can't keep kidding HMRC staff that things are going to get better. You have made HMRC the laughing stock of the Civil Service. You have lost all credibility. You really are totally incompetent and have to go... for everyone's sakes.

  10. Changing the top level of management is one thing but remember it is the lower end managers who actually dish out the shit that is a big factor in the low morale.

  11. Agreed... and boy do we have some low-end managers!!!

  12. The true messages don’t get through to them but if they left their ivory towers once in a while to speak to front line staff (without management present) they would get a true feeling of the situation.
    Then they should ask the mangers, who have reported that everything is hunky-dory to them, why they have out and out lied. No reasonable excuse = sacking for gross misconduct.

  13. "Agreed... and boy do we have some low-end managers!!!"

    Well, we have some something-end managers....

  14. I can see the next staff dial in now,

    Leslie: We have a question from John.

    Tom: With morale so low, do you think it's time to abolish pacesetter, as this is a great frustration for a lot of staff?

    Leslie: We have a plan Tom - we're going to use pacesetter principles to get the bottom of this issue.

    Tom: Oh fuck.......

  15. "Tom: With morale so low, do you think it's time to abolish pacesetter, as this is a great frustration for a lot of staff?

    Leslie: We have a plan Tom - we're going to use pacesetter principles to get the bottom of this issue.

    Tom: Oh fuck......."

    This would be hilarious, if it wasn't true.

    More Pacesetter, here we come...

  16. You mean you don't believe pacesetter and lean are the solutions to all of the worlds problems?

    But how would we improve morale without a "people engagement process"? How would we improve "customer service" without an expensive consultant to tell us to cut out large chunks of work because it is unnecessary only to find out years later that we did it because it was necessary?

    Does lean just mean you keep fit by running in circles.

  17. Morale at an all time low? I wonder why? Could it be the attempted introduction of inappropriate business models (LEAN/Pacesetter) to a government revenue department? Could it be the destruction of all that was good about the two previous services in order to create a hideous chimera unfit for purpose? Could it be the promotion of complete fuckwits to positions of power due to olympic standard arse-licking? Could it be the constant reduction in numbers of staff and offices? Could it be the appointment of total titheads to be the most senior managers? (fill in the names yourselves). Could it be the continual damage done to the public perception of HMRC by Hartnett (No need to apologise / I'm off to a low level conference in India at public expense - book me business class, minion)et al?

    Nah, its cos we're all just workshy loafers, as it says in the daily mail. Surprised you didn't pick up on the India trip, Ken. Perhaps you'd like to ask Dave if he flew back economy, as there were no requirements for him to go into "crucial business meetings" on his return?

  18. PaceSetter and LEAN - fine if you manufacture widgets on a production line - but HMRC don't do any of the latter. HMRC is a services organ so the Toyota-like business model has no place in HMRC.

    If you want to cut out waste, start by getting rid of the wankers at the top who have proved themselves as failures year after year.

    Also, de-merge HMRC back to IR and C&E - there is no cohesion between the two halves.

  19. The only way to solve this situation is to get out of the place. Theres a recession on but if things ever pick up your better of trying to get out of it.
    Theyre not going to try and improve things for anyone and I doubt if theyre gonna ever de-merge things back to Customs and Excise/Inland Revenue. I cant see PCS Union doing much either.
    Theyre gonna slash the administration budget by 15% and get rid of 13,000 but I bet that goes up to 15,000-20,000 over the next 3-5 years, but they'll hold onto that news for as long as they can. They probably dont care who goes either, as above has pointed out it will be a Toyota Style run business.
    The arse licks and the fuckwits will be there until the end but if your a person who believes that your capable of doing more, well then.
    Hope things improve for people.

  20. I agree with 12:47 regarding the PCS. I have spoken to the head office on London regarding the attitude of the management within HMRC and the response was far from encouraging. I think the bottom line with them is that if it affects membership numbers they will fight but if it involves members working conditions then fuck em.

    And before anyone mentions the compensation saga, just pause and take a hard look at it. There was never going to be a good solution from the members point of view because the government do not take any notice of PCS or the courts. The just change the law as and when it suits them.

  21. Forget PaceSetter & Lean - just wait for One HMRC = One Deal to be launched. Offically, this will be sold as HMRCs Employer Value Proposition(?)

    It gets better...

    And EVP 'confirms the physcoloigal contract between employer and employee. It sets the rules on what staff can expect of their employer and vice versa.'

    What you won't be told is that the EVP thing is going to be used by ExCom to 'attack the entitlement culture in HMRC'. Expect flexible working to figure heavily in this EVP which is based on 'six pillars'.

    Oh, and when asked, ExCom thought that the work / life balance of staff was too biased in favour of 'life'!

    I shit you all not on this and look forward to 2011 and beyond. All of the above is FOI-able for those that would like to check.