HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Physician Heal Thyself

As we all know HMRC has had a few problems (eg cost overruns, project delays, technical glitches, data loss etc) wrt its Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The Cabinet Orifice has recognised that one of the problems with ICT matters (Whitehall wide) is the exclusion of SMEs from government business and project meetings.

Therefore HMRC, at the behest of the Cabinet Orifice, has told Capgemini to include SMEs in project meetings in Whitehall (Capgemini subcontracts the HMRC £8.5BN Aspire contract to over 240 suppliers).

Another fundamental problem with large IT contracts, where SMEs are excluded from project meetings etc, is the danger of outsourcing firms inflating prices and suppressing innovation (ie ripping the taxpayer off).

Mark Hall, deputy CIO at HMRC, is quoted by Computer Weekly:

"We have started a new process called Tripartite.

Which is where we were always challenged, around getting everybody to the table.

So now when we have conversations, the prime contractor, ourselves and the SME delivering the goods are in the same conversation.

We are working around cost savings and working very closely and collaboratively with the cabinet office. This is not just about what we can negotiate, its about what UK government can negotiate.

HMRC are also looking to identify where its expenditure is delivering value.

Hall says:

"This is quite challenging for supply chains because it demands transparency."

Seemingly, on top of "Lean", the new word in HMRC's "management speak" is "Agile".


Well good luck to them trying to improve the performance of their outsourced contractors.

However, some may be tempted to suggest that HMRC also needs to improve its own internal performance.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Those in power at HMRC should do an internet search on Mark Hall and look at the amount of entries he has and the amount of hats he seems to wear. It seems to me he cannot have a lot of time left for HMRC because he is always "networking" - I think he would call it. What he does say seems to be a mixture of the blindingly obvious and jargon filled nonsense. And all for £100,000 plus per annum no doubt. When will HMRC realise that they have to appoint those that do not those that talk about it? I would have thought Lamey and Strathie were enough deadweight for the department.

  2. an IT system is a support mechanism for process improvement. They will never succeed in doing this if the management's own capability is inefficient and lacking in all respects.

    It takes a strong and solid management team to implement solid supporting infrastructures.

    Perhaps the management team can take that on "as a challenge"?

  3. Hang on, if that is what they are doing now over £8,5Bn expediture i.e. all getting round the table (normally referred to in business as communicating or engagement in HMRCSPEAK) the WTF has been happening previously WRT this whopping annual (customer funded) expenditure, has it been in free flow FFS!?

  4. Uhhh, ummmm, errr, I have got all confused, what's this post about?
    Oh yes, I have got it now...
    Things are so bad at HMRC that they have had to outsource Occupational Healthcare.
    Nurse "What seems to be the problem?"
    Patient "I don't care!"
    Call Centre Manager "Where have all the staff gone?"
    No answer came the reply as they had all gone sick for some unfathomable reason!

  5. The main problem being that across the civil service & every other goverment department....

    The top brass, the prime contractors & the subcontractors will never ask the mere mortals at the coal face what is required....

    & hey presto !!! you get IT like NTC & NPS

  6. The solution is very simple really, using PaceSetter tools and techniques with regular whiteboard sessions... job done!!!

  7. Nooo!
    The whole point of Pacesetter is to empower the staff and encourage them to come up with more ideas to save jobs, DOH!

  8. Stuff this!
    WhyTF is the apparent wasting of £'s/billions by the Glorious 103rd
    not splashed all over the news?
    I don't give a hoot that the tame mafia won't pick it up and run but there must be a dynamic story in this for a good investigative journalist?
    This is taxpayers hard earned cash FFS!

  9. Anon @ 22:08...

    "This is taxpayers hard earned cash FFS!"...

    HMRC don't give no sh*t:

    Pacesetter = Pisstaker

  10. Not forgetting:

    Whiteboards = shiteboards

  11. HMRC officer-"Nurse, I'm suffering from depression, stress, headaches, fear, urine retention, insomnia, anxiety, hoplessness".

    HMRC Nurse-"Shut yer mouth, your lucky you've got a job. Man Up and and back to your desk".

    HMRC officer "OK"