HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The "Strike" That Dare Not Speak Its Name III


A small update from the front line of the HMRC "strike", a loyal reader advises me that there appears to be some confusion within the ranks of HMRC management about what's going on and what to do.

Seemingly, to date, a veritable avalanche (20 actually) of emails and spreadsheets have been sent to managers (by the "upper echelons") who have been asked to fill in all the different scenarios about whether pay should be docked or not in the end.

Apparently, the word from the frontline is that no one has a clue as to what is going on; but the emails being sent to management keep coming!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. More proof yet that HMRC 'management' aren't capable of even running a bath!

  2. The purpose was to cause disruption. Seems to have worked :)

  3. Piss up in a brewery springs to mind BUT to be honest the staff are unaware - well I was until I read this!!!

  4. 16.21 If you don't remember to read your union website, set yourself up for alerts from the site to your mobile ;)

  5. Where would they be without their beloved spreadsheets and stats.
    Certainly not fucking 103rd that's for sure!
    The lower management strata are running round like headless chickens - they had a 10:00 deadline imposed yesterday LOL!
    The brass have discovered that they cannot make the staff lose time and money, it can only be one or the other by the look of it even more LOL!
    And if you thought the staff were left in the dark by the PCS, that was nothing compared to the black hole the management have since populated.
    If ever PCS got its act together and the staff finally had had enough crap from management, the resulting action would be very effective.
    Trouble is too many of the staff are 2nd earners and don't need too worry too much about pay and conditions - well until their job goes west that is, 10,000 is 1 in 6 of 60,000, fancy a gamble do we? And that's before the next round of privatisation - call centres, debt management etc!
    Go picket Lawress Hall when the Oscars are on!
    LOL :)
    Tax does not have to be taxing.....

  6. As I remember it, the instructions on industrial action were very simple. If you spent a day on strike, you were docked a day's pay and credited with a standard day's time (7 hours 24 minutes excluding lunch). If you were on flexi protest, you were only credited with the hours you worked but you got your day's pay. (You had to make the hours up if you were in debit on your time)

  7. @ 10 June 2011 19:00

    I think the PCS is doing a wonderful job with the limited resources they have. I don't know about mobile alerts, but I would be willing to pay an increase in fees to ensure that important messages are communicated to members in a timely and orderly manner.

  8. Q. How much does PCS collect in fees annually?

    Q. How much has/will the new PCS HQ building cost?

    Q. Is PCS too close to management? Well, that's an unfair question as PCS represent the fuckers!

    Q. Do you think PCS represents value for money? At the very top, possibly, at local level, yes, for the majority of the time.

  9. "Q. Is PCS too close to management? Well, that's an unfair question as PCS represent the fuckers!"

    There probably lies the reason nothing is going to change.

  10. "Q. Is PCS too close to management? Well, that's an unfair question as PCS represent the fuckers!"

    But they don't. They represent the lower grades in the civil service. In HMRC CC's and Cust Ops that means some of the members also manage small groups of staff but thats it. Most officers are not managers. There are a lot of HO's and SO' who are not managers (not so many in PCS).

    The management are all in ARC.

  11. The point is that a lot of the bullying in the call centres is being done by team leaders who PCS also represent in a lot of cases.

  12. They are all as bad as each other.
    The spineless toads in the PCS or the arrogant fuckers in the ARC who rule their little fiefdoms like petty dictators.
    Thats why the 103rd is so!
    Still would like to know what the "special measures" are that HMRCISHITE have been subject to?

  13. tut !
    I love the comments about "them" in the union. If you feel so strongly then get involved.

    but no you'd rather sit there and whinge!.....

  14. If you think that the Union is going to admit its in cahoots with the management think again.
    The problem is as you intimate, a lack of involvement, however, getting involved won't make a difference as the disparity between local and national level is too great with seperate agendas.
    The best "engagement" of late has come via the People Survey results, and not just last position or 103rd! This, being the worst in the swivel service is a total disgrace and how management accept their inflated salaries defies description. Wonder if the writing is on the wall and a further split is being planned?

  15. "12 June 2011 17:59"

    My sentiments exactly!

  16. Do tou think Oscar Wilde looked like Jonaffan Woss???

  17. How can this country possibly go on allowing these so-called managers any credence or respect ? Surely the staff should come together in their thousands and tell the country, the media, the Government, etc. This country brags of being civilised, and runs surveys to show the people are "free" and "happy". Not if you have to report tomorrow to a talentless know-nothing jumped up twat, you're not ......